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About the Company

BlueArrow Telematics is a privately-owned company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide customers with industry leading Mobile Workforce Technologies along with expert advice and superior customer support. We strive to lead our competitors in technology offerings, industry knowledge and customer support. Celebrating our 31st year in business, our company has forged ahead of competitors by helping business managers develop long-term goals, implement a mobile workforce strategy and provide them with leading telematics solutions to effectively monitor and manage these strategies.

Value Added Geotab Reseller

BlueArrow Telematics is classified as a Geotab Value Added Reseller, one of only 3 classified at this level in the United States. What does this mean for our customers? BlueArrow has a proven track record of providing superior customer service, vast knowledge of industry solutions and practices, proven integration and software development skills, installation services for sophisticated telematics technologies, and other unique skills. Whether a large or small organization, BlueArrow will provide your organization with significant ROI via telematics when compared to any other reseller! Call today and let us help you develop a plan to accomplish your goals.

Employee Interviews

Meet Our Team

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Stuart Lamm

Founder & CEO

Melvin McNeill

Senior Consultant

Dallas Owens

Senior Consultant

Matt Tyrolf

Team Leader of Success

Bryan Kondub

Success Team Consultant

Tucker Peebles

Lead Developer

Blake Peebles

Senior Developer

Trey Hogan

Billing/Inventory Management

Holden Lamm

Finance Director

Steven Sartorius

Success Team Consultant

Daniel Hixon

Success Team Consultant

Jason O’Neal

Fleet Installation Specialist

Shelby Sanchez-Herrera


Samuel Zhang


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