Compare and contrast your fleet to your competitors. Elevate your organization with benchmarking reports.

Benchmarking with BlueArrow

Fleet Benchmarking is a useful tool that can help you get the most out of your data. Effortlessly compile data on key metrics on drivers in your fleet. Correlate key numbers such as idling times or speeding to other fleets to discern how your drivers are performing. Set unique driver or fleet goals to encourage compliance. Use gamification methods as drivers in your organization compete to be the safest and most efficient driver.

Make full use of benchmarking

Gain insightful data that will lead to actionable decisions. Benchmark against similar fleets based on a multitude of factors including fleet size, composition, geography, or driving patterns. For instance, if you are from a town in the Midwest you could compare your fleet to those close by. Avoiding benchmarking your data from a fleet in Los Angeles would be essential to ensuring your data is intelligent.

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Visualize the data

BlueArrow makes benchmarking straightforward. Geotab’s open dashboard allows users to grab control of their data. Easily create and manage graphs to examine the operations of drivers and your fleet. Analyze driver metrics including idling, fuel consumption, fuel usage, harsh braking, and more. With over 2 million devices in operation, you can use benchmarking to develop plans to enhance productivity. Take the next step to turning your data into actionable information with BlueArrow benchmarking.

Turn data into decisions

Employ data into recommendations, opportunities, options, and proposals with benchmarking.

Uncover inefficiencies

Discover underperforming vehicles or fleets; learn how to reduce overhead.

Measure drivers

Recognize and award drivers and fleets that perform well when contrasted to their peers.

Find opportunities

Locate potential opportunities in order to help optimize your organization and fleet.

BlueArrow Analytics

Continue to take advantage of big data with BlueArrow with our analytics. Read about more ways to capitalize on our services.

Success Story

Data is only as powerful as what is done with it. Read how one organization utilized benchmarking to leverage its data.

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