BeWhere Asset Tracking

Next-generation tech, cost-effectiveness, and added software integration potential provide you with a unique opportunity to reduce downtime and boost your customer experience.

Instantaneous and Responsive Solutions for Asset Management

BeWhere Inc. designs hardware with sensors for tracking the most up-to-date information on non-powered fixed and movable assets. The BeWhere tracking devices don’t only monitor position, they are also able to provide real-time data on environmental conditions. If you have assets that are sensitive to temperature or humidity, you will be able to use any BeWhere solution to leverage your asset management strategy to prevent unnecessary losses due to exposure.

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Geotab Go vehicle tracking device

Take Advantage of Next-Generation 5G Tech

The world of technology, especially with mobile devices, is always rapidly advancing. Although 4G LTE is already significantly stronger than the previous 3G networks, the newly offered 5G networks are even more powerful. 5G networks use shorter and higher frequency bands on the radio spectrum, meaning that 5G is predicted to deliver speeds and capacity 10 to 20 times greater than the existing 4G networks. BeWhere is on the cutting edge of this advancing tech, offering 5G capabilities on many of their devices. Any BeWhere solution will have a positive impact on your company’s operating costs.

Low-Power Bluetooth Devices

BeWhere takes an industry-agnostic approach to their products, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of their versatile and prolific solutions no matter where you operate. Low-power Bluetooth devices will provide you with continuous data transfers from any piece of equipment. You can gain valuable insight into your entire supply chain with location, temperature, impact, and light exposure information.

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BeWhere Beacons: The Forefront of Asset Tracking

BeWhere Beacons are an innovative alternative to RFID technology for asset monitoring. By using Bluetooth, the range for monitoring devices is much larger at around 250 meters. These devices are also IP68 rated, meaning they can weather the elements and are functional in the most intense applications. In addition to the already powerful Bluetooth Beacons, BeWhere is introducing next-generation beacons that connect directly to dedicated cellular networks. This will provide you with excellent asset tracking with the added bonus of not having to worry about wi-fi gateways or other similar dependencies. These devices also still maintain a small form factor, with the BTB04 being only 57mm by 43mm in size as an example.

BeSol BLU Gateways

The average Bluetooth asset management solution at present requires a gateway to transmit the Bluetooth data to a larger network, e.g. wi-fi. This would ordinarily make long-distance applications such as transportation logistics impossible for Bluetooth devices. However, BeWhere offers the industry-leading BeSol device as a gateway to the network at large. In combination with the existing Bluetooth Beacons, this enables any business to manage even the furthest points on their supply chain, while also taking advantage of the solid construction and long lifespan of the Bluetooth Beacons.

Take BeWhere Integration Further with BlueArrow

The map-based interface provided by BeWhere is intuitive and current, in addition to being easily integrable with your company’s software systems. At BlueArrow Telematics, we make a difference for our customers by offering custom integrations to suit your needs. With the flexibility of BeWhere’s data mapping, BlueArrow is perfectly poised to provide you with a robust and dependable solution for any industry application. Contact BlueArrow today to begin taking advantage of the next generation of asset management

BeWhere Beacon Features

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Light Level Monitoring

Real-time location monitoring

Proximity Monitoring

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Temperature Monitoring

Impact Monitoring

Battery Meter for Battery Monitoring of the Beacon Itself

Become more aware with BeWhere to get complete knowledge of your assets.

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