BlueArrow Analytics

Use rich and powerful data from over a million vehicles to your advantage.

IOT Data Solutions

With Geotab processing over 40 billion data points every day, there are a lot of inputs in the field of telematics. BlueArrow Analytics is a tool to help you interpret, understand and mobilize the data you receive. Anticipate and devise changes to enhance your company’s strategic decision-making. BlueArrow Analytics gives you insightful conclusions to prepare for the future.


Data-Driven Approach

Follow the trends as more and more people make the switch from a process-driven to a data-driven focus. Let fresh perspectives and new insights resolve current problems using statistical models, and machine learning. Leverage the big data that is at your fingertips into maximizing your company’s productivity, compliance, and profitability.


One of the multitudes of uses of BlueArrow Analytics includes benchmarking your fleet compared to its similar fleets. Contrast based on fleet size, fleet composition, geography, or driving patterns. Judge important factors to comparable fleets. For example, determine your mountainous fleet’s fuel consumption against those fleets that also operate in a mountainous area. Recognize insightful conclusions to add value to your organization.

Vnomics and Geotab Dashboard

BlueArrow Analytics allows you to find patterns and correlations in the data to compare:

  • MPG by manufacturer: Contrast MPG between different years, make, and model. 
  • MPG by driver: Identify driver’s unique driving styles and how it affects MPG. 
  • Engine alerts: Detect manufacturers that produce the highest number of alerts to avoid these interruptions. 
  • Safety data: Analyze driver safety data including accidents, hard-stops and near misses. 
  • Mileage: Direct vehicles total mileage to appropriately manage your fleet. 
  • Idling: Examine driver and fleet’s idling times.
  • Hours of Service: Maintain hours of service to plan a strategic plan.
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On the Cutting Edge

As the business landscape is continuously evolving and changing you need to stay on the forefront of new technological advancements. Spearheading the new wave of future growth is a concerted effort to utilize data to make informed decisions. Data analysis helps companies choose the solution with the highest chance of success and highest probability to increase revenue.

Wealth of Experience

BlueArrow has access to millions of vehicles forming the largest and richest telematics data set. This substantial volume of data is essential to the success of machine learning as the more data points, the higher accuracy the algorithm can be. Paired with programs such as Tensorflow, Dataflow, and Kubernetes this immense information becomes enriched and transformed into meaningful insights and solutions.

Adult driving car with data overlay
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Why use Data Analytics?

Big data analytics finds answers and solutions faster and more efficiently than previous business intelligence options.

Putting Big Data to Use:

Using telematics accomplishes data acquisition, and benchmarking helps the next step, data utilization.