Citizen Insights

Increase accountability and empower citizens of your municipality through BlueArrow’s citizen insight solution.

Citizen Insights

With near real-time updates, your citizens gain updates on the location and estimated time of arrival for operational vehicles. Snowplows, salt spreaders, and waste management vehicles can all now be tracked by those who benefit from the most. Effortlessly manage what information is received by the public. See what is possible with the new citizen insights solution today.

New way of government

Citizens will receive simple and easy-to-use insights on relevant locations of vehicles. Constituents would be able to access the information with just a click of a few buttons. Citizen Insights could evolve to be like checking the weather to routine commuters. Stay on the cutting edge, and keep your citizens in the know with a new way to do government alerts.

Retain control

Manage precisely what is available to the public, including streets and certain operations; protect both the public and your team.

Lower inquires

Direct curious citizens to the wealth of information available on Citizen Insights, helping cut down on contact centers.

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Improved confidence

Complete transparency available to the public with no extra effort from your team helps to build confidence in local operations.

Power in your hands

The Citizens Insight solution gives you all the power. It is fully configurable, so you can customize and manage it to get the most out of your solution. With multiple integration methods, you can choose the right fit, 511 approaches, and IT capacity for your municipality. With the power in your hands, your organization can respond to changes in real-time, helping to keep citizens first.

Prioritize your citizens

Through this solution, your constituents are prioritized first. With increased transparency, accountability, and communication, your municipality can work to build trust with your citizens. Sharing relevant information with the public builds confidence and trust with the local government. Take advantage and keep your citizens safe and informed.

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