Fleet Compliance

Stay in the know and compliant with the immense capabilities of BlueArrow telematics.

Accomplishing compliance

The goal of any fleet is to eclipse the goals and obligations set by the FMCSA and local DOT. BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, is FMCSA certified to guarantee we can help you meet that goal. Our collection of solutions provides our customers with the means to strengthen compliance and safety. Limit the paperwork and administration costs, minimize fines, and promote a safer fleet with BlueArrow.

Comprehensive fleet management

Gain the tools you need to take full control of your fleet. By partnering with BlueArrow, you will have access to just about any key metric your fleet has to offer. There is always an emphasis on protecting your drivers, and it is now easier than ever with risky driver reports and driver coaching. Obtain complete visibility of your fleet to ensure standards are being met, maximize efficiency and increase the safety of your drivers.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

One of the primary components of our compliance solution is the ELD software. Conveniently check compliance on important items such as Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), and driver IDs. Ease your way through with step-by-step workflows and friendly reminders. Stay in the know with real-time alerts through Geotab ELD.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Realize full oversight of your drivers. Start saving time and money with DVIRs through the Geotab Drive Mobile App. Drivers can select potential defects or review previous inspections to achieve a further understanding. They can also make comments/corrections and certify a repair. Attain a complete view of both pre and post-trip inspections with just a few simple clicks.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Take full advantage of telematics and use it to ease the process of IFTA management. With BlueArrow, monitoring and managing miles is as simple as can be. Filter miles by important categories such as states or provinces. Boost accuracy for entry and exit odometer meetings. Cut down on clerical errors and start getting automated reports today with BlueArrow, powered by Geotab.

Compliance with BlueArrow

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