Construction Fleet

Utilize rapid location, operation, and diagnostics data to empower your construction fleet.

Value of telematics for construction equipment

Every day it seems like a new neighborhood or shopping center is popping up. To make these buildings appear seemingly overnight, there are thousands of construction teams at work. One key tool that helps them is the power of telematics. With so many unique and powerful tools being used, it is essential to have the capability to track this hardware. BlueArrow telematics presents the highest level of value, experience, and knowledge to take your construction company to the next level.

Protect from theft

A major concern for every construction manager is the threat of theft. With remote locations and high-value equipment, it is vital to ensure you have a way to track your assets. With the new GO9 Rugged, you get near real-time GPS tracking with location, operations, and diagnostics for your assets. Obtain information including ignition status, GPS data, fuel tracking, and engine diagnostics to empower construction decisions.

Boost Productivity

BlueArrow construction solutions powered by Geotab enable managers to gain the knowledge needed to take control of their fleet. Improve asset utilization and employ telematics data to accurately price jobs. Control expenses by reducing labor costs and overtime. Maximize production while identifying and minimizing unnecessary costs.

The reliable GO9 Rugged

No matter the elements you can trust the GO9 Rugged will provide you with key data. Built to withstand harsh conditions like wind, sun, dirt, snow, water, chemicals, and more. The device is IP69K rated indicating that conditions will not affect its performance. It is additionally customizable with IOX add-ons to fit any challenge. Develop plans and raise efficiencies with Geotab’s GO9 Rugged today.

Additional Benefits

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Fleet Visibility

Swiftly and with precision locate important assets with real-time tracking.

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Optimize your assets

Examine under or overused assets to aid in streamlining your organizational operations.


Manage compliance

Set rules and policies for your drivers; easily track their progress on MyGeotab.

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Green fleet tools

Track emissions, reduce idling, and lower fuel consumption to improve carbon footprint.

Construction Solutions

Construction operations are dynamic and unique. Read what telematics and GPS tracking can do for your individual construction company’s fleet.

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GO9 Rugged Key Differences

Determine whether or not the GO9 Rugged is right for your fleet. Read about its key differences and top uses.

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