Courier & Delivery Solutions

Improve customer satisfaction safer and faster than ever before through the power of telematics.

Geotab Fleet Management Dashboard

Maximize efficiency

Exceed even exceptional efficiency expectations when you partner with BlueArrow, powered by Geotab. With unrivaled control over important data points in your fleet, you can leverage that data to optimize the productivity of your fleet. With top-of-the-line, real-time tracking, you can provide customers status updates with precision. Increase profitability, save time and see the Geotab advantage when you partner with BlueArrow.

Route Optimization

Evolve your operations with route optimization. Gain insightful, actionable insights through mapping and geospatial resources in order to optimize operations. Plan routes to get the most out of your fleet. Take advantage of all that BlueArrow has to offer with trip reports, including breadcrumb details to understand where your fleet has been. Reduce fuel consumption, time, and overhead with efficient route planning.

Route Planning stops illustration

Total Management

The options and opportunities available with telematics are endless. Easily manage compliance and receive driver behavior reports. Proactively plan vehicle maintenance stops to limit wear and tear. Receive notifications about potential engine issues. Track greenhouse gas emissions and idling times to increase sustainability. Partner with BlueArrow to see what telematics and exceptional service can do for your fleet.

IOX Expandability

Customize your solution with IOX technology, Marketplace Apps, and a handful of Add-Ons available.

Simple Platform

Manage all your drivers and data with a user-friendly dashboard that is flexible to fit your needs.

Happy Customers

Achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction with increased accuracy on delivery estimates.

Stay Safe

Trust that your vital information stays shielded from potential hackers or viruses.

Delivery Solutions

Transporting goods quickly and reliably is an essential goal in today’s fast-moving world. Read how telematics aids you in pursuit of that goal.

The Powerful GO9

Accomplish objectives with the all-new GO9 Device, fit all your telematics needs. Read more about its capabilities and if it is right for you.

Geotab Go9+ vehicle tracking device with wifi symbol

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