Automotive Dealership Solutions

Enhance your dealership through the power of telematics with BlueArrow.

An Extensive Solution for Dealerships

Large dealerships have thousands of cars on the lot at one time. That can be a lot for managers to handle and keep track of at one time. With BlueArrow, we are able to remove some of that worry and provide managers with the power to improve business. Telematics has the ability to track all of the vehicles in your dealership to reduce the risk of theft. In addition, we help move cars off your lot with easier test drives and digital keys to create a smooth experience for your customers.

Increase Profits

Revolutionize your dealership fleet today with BlueArrow telematics. Expose your clients to the cars of their choice in their day-to-day lives with afternoon or overnight options. Never worry with active tracking; you will know where your vehicle is at all times. Raise the visibility of your dealership and fleet by placing vehicles in high-traffic areas. Prepare your dealership for the future and try partnering with BlueArrow telematics.

Potential of Keyless

Continue to expand your dealership offerings with keyless options. Attract customers to test-drive vehicles for an extended period of time. Upgrade the customer experience and raise customer satisfaction. Keyless utilizes Bluetooth technology and can work even when there is no cell service. With BlueArrow telematics, turn change into possibilities with Geotab’s keyless.

BlueArrow customized solutions include:

  • Maintenance: Proactive checking and identifying of the engine and other vehicle issues
  • Compatibility: Keyless operates with any vehicle that currently has a keyfob
  • Expandability: Numerous IOX Add-Ons and Add-Ins are available to personalize your solution.
  • Powerful software: Geotab provides a strong, seamless software that incorporates all of your fleets into one place
  • Sustainability: Govern greenhouse gas emissions throughout your fleet with fuel consumption reports
  • Tracking: Stay in touch with all of your vehicles at any time with active tracking and vehicle monitoring.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?