Digital Matter Asset Management

Operate with confidence knowing where your vehicles are at all times and increase your business’s efficiency with reliable and secure devices from Digital Matter.

oyster 2 asset tracking device

Best-in-class Asset Tracking

As the sole North American distributor for Digital Matter products through Geotab, BlueArrow has intimate knowledge of the reliability and scalability of these solutions. Digital Matter’s innovative, low-powered designs contribute to high performance and longer lifespans, allowing you to focus more on using your asset tracking instead of worrying about the hardware.

Innovation, Reliability, and Scalability

Digital Matter is an experienced manufacturer in the telematics industry with over 20 years in operation. The low-power IoT devices they provide allow customers to operate at greater efficiencies, tracking what is most important to the company instead of having significant hassle finding an asset management solution. Combining the BlueArrow Difference with the Digital Matter Difference means you will be in a great position to take advantage of your asset management strategy with dependable IoT solutions.

Quality Engineering for a Low Cost

Digital Matter is committed to quality engineering. The expert design of any device offered means their performance and lifespan far outpace that of competitors. The versatile range of LPWAN (low-power wide area network) asset tracking hardware ensures your ability to enjoy the benefits of a Digital Matter solution regardless of how many assets you need to keep track of. BlueArrow’s adept Success Team is primed to provide you with an excellent Digital Matter solution customized to suit any strategy you have in mind.

Easy Integration with Your Existing Strategy

With both the exceptional design of Digital Matter products and the unparalleled customer service experience at BlueArrow, there are yet more benefits to be offered. We know that it’s a large undertaking to make drastic operational changes in your organization. However, the integration capabilities of Digital Matter devices replete with the BlueArrow Success Team ensure your transition will be simple and smooth. Whether you have an existing asset management strategy or not, BlueArrow is prepared to secure the right one for your organization’s needs.

Asset Tracking Devices

Oyster 2 – Long Term Battery Life

The Oyster 2 provides you with a rugged solution for all your asset tracking needs. The ultra-low power design means that the 3 AA batteries needed will power the device for up to 7 years without replacement. The Oyster 2 is no slouch when it comes to the GPS data as well, supplying high-precision GPS or GLONASS data. This device also has exceptional hardiness, with IP67 classified housing proofing it against the worst of conditions.

oyster 2 asset tracking device

Remora 2 – Versatile and Secure

The Remora 2 shares the extensive battery life of other Digital Matter products while also being equipped with a Bluetooth® gateway for tagged asset management or monitoring of sensors. This powerful addition is complemented by its magnetic tamper detection, preventing potential theft or inaccurate data from affecting your organization.

Yabby Edge – Scalable and Tough

As the 2021 IoT Evolution Product of the Year, the Yabby Edge is in a class all its own, even among other Digital Matter products. The design of the Yabby Edge allows for an incredible 10 years of life on 3 AAA batteries, yet still retains a low cost. The Yabby Edge with its ultra-rugged housing is a great solution for any large-scale deployment, no matter what environmental factors there are.

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