Driver Coaching

Track and improve driver compliance with driver coaching to help accomplish fleet goals.

Supervise driver behaviors

Take the initiative and get started on improving your fleet’s driving. Provide additional training and coaching for drivers who are identified as high-risk. Managers can monitor drivers’ dangerous behaviors, including speeding, harsh braking, near-misses, and collisions. Customize notifications to know in real-time about what is going on in your fleet. 

Driver feedback

Elevate your fleet’s driving with driver coaching. Integrate verbal instructions for when drivers are not being compliant. While speeding, they will get real-time feedback with instructions, “Please slow down.”This GO TALK feature is great for the more risky drivers in your fleet. BlueArrow also provides buzzer alert options for when drivers are non-compliant. This immediate feedback will help raise compliance and the safety of your fleet.

Challenge Drivers

Contrast drivers across your fleet on important measures. Utilize fleet gamification programs to encourage friendly competition to be the best driver in the fleet. Determine and reward the top fleet performers with driver scorecard reports. Build a culture of safety and compliance by partnering with BlueArrow Telematics today.

Educate drivers

Keep drivers informed on their harsh braking, speeding, and other risky driving behaviors.

Advance fleet safety

Work to reduce vehicle accidents and help protect the safety of your fleet.

Engage drivers

Give real-time feedback to drivers and forge a safer working environment.

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