ELD Compliance Software

Electronic Logging Device that supports fleet compliance, inspections and operations.

Accomplished ELD Software

Geotab’s powerful ELD software is here to improve the quality of your operations. The software was built to support over 100 HOS rulesets across the United States and Canada. We take the tedious parts out of logging by efficiently conforming to technical requirements. Easily accessible and simple to use, partner with BlueArrow to get the most out of your ELD solution.

Streamline records

Facilitate Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), driver identification, and messaging. Automatization of Records of Duty Status (RODS) helps save time and raise efficiencies. Compatible for fuel tax and International Registration Plan (IRP) mileage reporting to lower your workload. Reduce the office paperwork and start increasing the accuracy of your logbooks today with BlueArrow.

Adaptable ELD Solutions

BlueArrow has the telematic’s solution for you. With integrated and customizable Add-Ons available, you can adjust your plan to fit your needs. Whether it is dash cams, temperature monitoring, asset tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and more, BlueArrow can pair you with the right solution.

Driver Benefits

Log Reminders

Prompt drivers to sign in or sign out and confirm their status. Alert them when they are entering zones.

Driver Messaging

Enhance your communication with your drivers. Establish text-to-speech communication while the driver’s eyes are on the road.

Individual Driver IDs

Effortlessly track drivers through unique driver IDs. Monitor personal usage and behavior when drivers share vehicles.

Driver Assistance

Send automatic alerts to drivers when they run out of hours, miss an inspection, interrupt shifts, or cycle resets.

Main Features

International Compliance

Built for 100+ rulesets and exemptions in both the United States and Mexico.

Painless Inspection

Send logs in with a click of a button and help secure your data with PIN protection.

Offline Support

Utilize IOX-USB cables to operate ELD offline or wait for automatic syncs upon restoring the signal.

Log Management

Comment on logs and fine-tune calculations. Easily declare unassigned hours to drivers.

What is an ELD?

Unsure who needs to use an ELD or what potential benefits it has to offer? Read more to see if Geotab’s ELD Software is fit for you.

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