First Responders

EMS should leverage Telematics to deploy resources efficiently and effectively.

When the seconds matter

Partner with BlueArrow to fulfill all of your EMS, firefighter, and law enforcement needs. Seize the benefit of complete coverage and awareness to improve response times. With BlueArrow powered by Geotab, officers and paramedics can correspond and plan actions with next to the second data. Revolutionize your operations to ensure emergency responders arrive and depart safely and efficiently.

Adult driving car with data overlay

Optimize first responder fleet tracking

Implement BlueArrow’s tools and features to help safeguard drivers and civilians. Active tracking transmits essential information faster and with greater accuracy. Take advantage of the Nearest option in MyGeotab to locate, prioritize and dispatch the closest vehicle. Implement the system that will provide necessary visibility, maximize safety and operational efficiency.

An elastic solution

Any level, size, or shape of government, BlueArrow telematics is the correct choice. We present unique solutions for your exclusive problem. Gain comprehensive IOX options including adding light bars, gun racks, and sirens. Driver IDs and digital keyless solutions only add to the customizable options available to partners at BlueArrow. Solve your personalized needs with a personalized resolution.

Establish regular maintenance checks

To keep your vehicles out on the road it is essential that they are well maintained and frequently serviced. Employ Geotab’s software to proactively detect engine faults to save time and raise efficiency. Quickly identifying and attending to vehicle issues not only helps limit maintenance time but also works to save you and your organization money. Partner with BlueArrow to employ your fleet with regular maintenance checks more today.

Premium Tracking

Shorten response times with the Nearest feature and live tracking on an integrated mapping system.

In-Car Sensors

Lock, and unlock vehicles with keyless options. Maintain in-car sensors, such as temperature for K9s.

Straightforward Dashboard

Manage vehicles and data with a user-friendly interface. Utilize BlueArrow’s superior customer service.

Safe Database

Information and communication are secured by top-of-the-line security systems.

Safety for all

Boost safety and compliance across your emergency services. Ensure authorized users operate the vehicles and document the driver’s behavior. Review compliance with policy rules and alerts. Instant accident notifications and near-misses help keep you informed on your fleet. Conclusive ETAs paired with precision tracking ensure the safety of the people that you serve.

The long term solution

BlueArrow encourages green and sustainable practices and supports methods to monitor them. Manage greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the impact of climate change. Take EV suitability assessments to see if it is right for your municipality. Proactively detect engine issues to reduce maintenance time and diminish vehicle wear and tear.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?