Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Track all of the Electric Vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles in your fleet with BlueArrow.

Total Support

BlueArrow Telematics provides the whole nine yards when it comes to EV fleet management. With coverage for cars, trucks, buses in any make or model we have the knowledge you can trust. Electric vehicles are not in line with traditional internal combustion vehicles (ICV) so neither is their data. In order to get access to essential EV data, Geotab works directly with manufacturers to guarantee you have the decisive data you need.

Management made simple

A dashboard constructed for users. Easily see current battery charges, charging status, locations, and more. Flexible mapping supports managers to identify EVs status allowing them to guide the closest vehicle with enough charge to the next job. Determine which drivers are currently charging to maximize your organization’s performance.

Monitor your fleet’s charging status

Gain an all-seeing eye on your fleet and their charging. Obtain extensive charging history including when, where, and for how long they were charging. Set up notification options to resolve problems before they arise. Alert drivers when their charging is low to maximize your fleet efficiency. Institute no charge times for peak hours to avoid heavy costs.

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Make and Model Electric Vehicle Support

Curious about our support of a certain make or model? Look here for all the information regarding EV make and model support.

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EV Charging at Home

Charging EVs at home: Key considerations for fleets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EV Fleet?

An electric vehicle fleet is a fleet that completely or partially contains electric vehicles. 

What is fleet electrification?

Fleet electrification is the process of moving your fleet away from ICVs towards EVs.

How does BlueArrow support an EV fleet?

BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, contributes tools like the EVSA to help electrify your fleet. Not only do we present a user-friendly dashboard, but we also provide outstanding customer service to keep your EV fleet running smoothly.

How do I electrify my fleet?

You can get started by Contacting Us today to get started or set up a demo.