Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment Tool

Find out which electric vehicles are best for your organization today.

Create your EV adoption strategy

There can be a lot of unknowns associated when making the switch from ICVs to EVs. BlueArrow attempts to remove some of those uncertainties by offering an electric vehicle suitability assessment. Powered by Geotab, BlueArrow provides access to the world’s largest database for EV performance. Utilize data-driven suggestions to convert to EVs as simply as possible.

How does it work?

Evaluate your fleet’s driving data, patterns, and behavior to see which units are most primed to make the swap. The assessment takes into consideration EV availability in your location, local climates, demands of your fleet, and monetary factors. Achieve make and model recommendations for specific vehicles. Take advantage of the exhaustive EV test and revolutionize your fleet today.

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EVSA helps answer…

Which vehicles should make the switch?

Best fit analysis showcases the ideal candidates for substitution. Obtain suggestions on the best make and model.

How much will I save?

Comprehensive cost analysis and individual lifetime savings keep you in the know on how much you could be saving.

What are the vehicle ranges?

Complete range data based on real-world EVs including personalized regional and temperature adjustments identifies the mileage potential.

What is the environmental impact?

Get CO2 reports to manage emissions. Understand fuel consumption to reduce your carbon footprint.

Range Security

A major concern with electric vehicles is the ambiguity associated with the range of vehicles. Rest easy knowing that the EVSA presents you with reliable range capabilities. Tailored for your location, conditions, make and model you can trust the range capacity of the vehicles. An extensive description puts you in the know and in control to make the best decision for your organization.

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Environmental Impact

Visualize the difference over ICVs with in-depth reports. Calculate the advantage of using EVs. Recognize and manage your fleet’s carbon footprint. Perceive important environmental metrics potential decline in fuel compared to current vehicle options. Learn key insights so that you and your organization can make actionable decisions.

Accomplish sustainability goals with BlueArrow

Read more about the electric vehicle sustainability assessment and how BlueArrow optimizes EV’s for you.

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