Lay a solid foundation for your business. BlueArrow offers upward mobility to your fleets to consistently accomplish goals.

Responsive Solutions

One of the major founding blocks at BlueArrow Telematics is providing expandable solutions. Industries, organizations, individuals, and problems are constantly evolving, so our solutions must evolve too. This focus on buildable pieces allows us to grow with an ever-changing landscape. Below are some of our key solutions to keep pace with the fast-moving world.

Custom Software Integration

BlueArrow boasts an elite lineup of software developers with years of telematic experience that we are excited to share with our customers. We implement scalable solutions to meet the unique and individualized goals of businesses. With advanced data functionality, automation, and technology enhancements, you can improve the efficiency of your fleet. See what BlueArrow’s software team can do for you and your organization today.

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There is a constant stream of new telematics products on the market. BlueArrow contributes helpful installation videos and guides that are easy to follow along to install your devices. We also can take the worry out of your hands with a system professional that comes to you. Trust our certified and insured establishment team is there through every step of the process. Read more or request installation below.

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Step into the future with the revolutionary Keyless solution. Available to any vehicle that currently operates with a traditional keyfob. This state-of-the-art technology grants users the power to remotely lock, unlock or start the vehicle all from their cell phone. Keyless works to streamline the user experience and discover hidden insights. See if the Keyless solution is right for you and your organization.

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Fleet Management Software

BlueArrow serves customers with the premier integrated platform for telematics, MyGeotab. This robust fleet management software permits users with unprecedented access and authority over their drivers and fleet. The platform is designed to be simple and easy to use. Additional customizable features are also available. Gain the keys to unlocking true fleet management with BlueArrow and MyGeotab.

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Pair complete visibility over your fleet with powerful visualization. ZenduMaps offers users a powerful map-builder that managers can fine-tune for your organizational needs. See all the flexible mapping options in action to personalize your solution. Utilize dynamic reporting to improve fleet efficiency.  Try the ZenduMaps solution and witness the capabilities today with BlueArrow telematics.

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