Field Service Fleet Management

Connect your vehicles, jobs, workers, and customers for total fleet visibility. Deliver a first-class customer experience in every interaction.

Take your field service fleet to the next level

Cost efficiency and fleet safety not only has benefits for you, it has benefits for your customers. With a resilient, customized BlueArrow solution, you can meet the unique challenges your fleet is facing. BlueArrow is intimately familiar with a wide array of telematics solutions for a field service fleet. Our Success Team will find you an innovative and comprehensive solution for your fleet management; one that will adapt to your needs even as they grow and change over time.

Enhance customer experience

  • Accurate arrival notifications for customers
  • Match the skill of a technician to a job
  • Contactless communication options for our current world
  • Reports on the estimated duration of work vs. the actual time taken

Get your technicians to the right place at the right time

  • Easy to develop goal-based routing and scheduling plans
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Ensure accurate communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Simple schedule adjustments and rerouting

Actionable insights to improve your profitability

  • Identify and manage your largest expenses early and often
  • Right-size your fleet
  • Reduce downtime and eliminate fuel wasting
  • Minimize insurance losses and other unnecessary costs

Empower remote workers

  • Mobile app allows you to capture and access data while drivers are in the field
  • Drivers can easily communicate with the home office
  • Provide employees with up-to-date appointment schedules and routes

Protect your brand and boost driver safety

  • Driver scorecards and safety reports for feedback and coaching
  • Gamification solutions for driver training
  • Video-based solutions for risk management

Unlimited customization options on a single platform

  • View data the way you want to and separate it for readability
  • Customizable rules for engine status and alerts
  • BlueArrow Fuel integration to manage fuel costs and expenses

Stay ahead of competitors

At BlueArrow Telematics, we pride ourselves on providing a customer experience that addresses your needs concisely and efficiently. Our Success Team is trained to find you the right solution, the first time. With a customer-first approach to doing business, we’ll keep your company at the top of its game by solving your field service fleet management problems.

  • Predictive analytics for planning and benchmarking
  • Less than 1% device failure rate
  • IOX technology allows for extensive vehicle connectivity
  • Advanced data security keeps your information safe
  • Real-time collision notifications and detailed accident reconstructions
  • Ensure accuracy in billable hours and employee timesheets

“We have come from a place in which we even struggled to identify who was driving a vehicle. Now, we know who’s driving the vehicle, what the status should be, what geography it should be in, when it’s time to retire the asset, and where the asset will have to be to get that done quickly. This has put us ahead of our competition!”

Jeremy Muoio, Director of Fleet and Asset Management, MasTec AT

Electric vehicle strategies and management

Top-of-the line tech is available for electric vehicle fleets in addition to gas-powered vehicles. We also offer electrification solutions for fleets looking to change to electric vehicles. To continue providing you with the best experience possible, we’ve developed a page with our Geotab-powered EVSA (Electronic Vehicle Suitability Assessment). You can select the right vehicles to switch to electric, manage and measure these vehicles with key reporting metrics, and continue to monitor these vehicles on the same platform as your gas-powered ones.

BlueArrow Fuel Integration

With your telematics solution, you’ll already have a wealth of information about your vehicles. In addition to data on vehicle maintenance, BlueArrow Telematics has developed a concise and easy-to-use integration to provide you with a useful view of fuel card transactions. BlueArrow Fuel can alert you to unnecessary expenses caused by filling vehicles too often, fuel wasting, and unusual fuel card usage. Schedule a demo today to learn how you can leverage the BlueArrow Fuel integration to save on your fuel costs while also lowering maintenance expenses.

Ready to optimize your fleet?

Contact BlueArrow today to let us show you how easy it is to integrate BlueArrow Fuel and manage your field service fleet.