Fleet fuel management with True Fuel®

Reduce fleet fuel consumption by improving driver fuel efficiency.

The solution for reducing fleet fuel consumption

All fleets have some amount of fuel wasted due to inefficient driving behaviors, even with the most modern tractors, and it costs fleets significant money.

With over a decade of expertise in heavy-duty trucking fuel analytics, Tenstreet provides True Fuel® – A thoughtfully designed, patented and proven software solution that empowers trucking fleets to reduce their fuel expense significantly by improving driver fuel efficiency. Combining real-time in-cab audible coaching with automated, easy-to-use fuel efficiency data and reporting, True Fuel helps commercial fleets get the highest possible MPG from every driver and vehicle in the fleet, under any and all operating conditions.

Fleets using True Fuel are getting a 3-10% improvement in their fuel economy, starting immediately after deployment

Unique and Actionable Insights

A common fleet issue is that they know there are wasteful practices in their fleet, but they don’t know how much fuel is being wasted or how to improve it. And it’s difficult to accurately incentivize drivers without a metric that truly assesses their actual fuel performance.

True Fuel is the only technology that:

  • Saves fuel with real-time in-cab audible coaching
  • Quantifies fuel lost to individual inefficient driving behaviors
  • Reports a fair and accurate metric of driver fuel efficiency
  • Publishes the Potential MPG® that could have been achieved with fuel efficient driving
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True Fuel’s patented fuel analytics empower fleet managers to make informed business decisions based on accurate and quantified fuel analytics – For example, fleet managers have the opportunity to choose the best truck from a fuel efficiency perspective for delivering loads based on vehicle and route characteristics. They can also predict fuel costs for delivering loads given the configuration of their trucks and routes, to enable dynamic pricing. And, with True Fuel, fleets can make better informed truck purchase decisions from a fuel efficiency perspective.

Improvements in fuel efficiency also result in a reduction of carbon emissions – Consuming less fuel inherently produces less CO2. Many fleets have green initiatives or carbon reduction programs in which they need to quantify the amount of CO2 offset achieved. True Fuel is also uniquely positioned to quantify and report the carbon emission reduction achieved with increased fuel efficiency.

Primary Features

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Real-time in-cab coaching

Real-time in-cab audible coaching tones are safer than visual coaching systems and really do the heavy-lifting of correcting fuel inefficient driving behaviors as they occur – Think of it like ‘rumble strips for fuel efficiency’.

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Automated reporting

Automated reports are sent to trainers weekly, empowering effective, impactful and efficient secondary coaching between trainers and drivers, using the driver’s own fuel performance data.

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Measured driver fuel efficiency metric

True Fuel’s measured driver fuel efficiency metric provides the foundation for a fair driver fuel performance incentive to create positive driver engagement and buy-in.

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Quantified fuel waste

Patented algorithms quantify the amount of fuel wasted due to each individual fuel inefficient behavior so management knows how much fuel is being wasted and where to take action.

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Potential MPG®

Knowing the amount of fuel wasted due to inefficient driver behavior, True Fuel is uniquely able to calculate the MPG the driver could have achieved with efficient operation empowering management to make uniquely informed operational and business decisions.

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Fully integrated

Fully integrated with Geotab, the in-cab coaching is fully automated, adding zero steps to the driver’s existing workflow. And back-office personnel have access to unique fuel efficiency insights directly in MyGeotab, making it a seamless user experience.

History of proven success

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