Custom Reports

Create and track unique reports that provide key insights into your business.

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Custom Reports at no charge!

At BlueArrow, we strive to not only provide our customers with the products but to go one step further and help your business grow. One of the key ways we do just that is through custom reports. Personalized so that you can understand the trends and patterns across your fleet. Our Success Team caters to you, so the end results matter.

Flexibility in MyGeotab

Take full advantage of the countless reports that are a part of MyGeotab. Monitor driver behavior with the Driver Safety Scorecard. Track compliance with the Speed Profile Report. Manage vehicle trip history with a breadcrumb trail. Sort by individual vehicles or by the whole fleet to obtain the full picture of what goes on in your fleet. Reports in MyGeotab are flexible to always provide you with what you need to improve your organization.

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Safety in Numbers

With advanced risk management reports and comprehensive collision reports, you can work to improve the safety of your fleet—breakdown by drivers to see who could benefit from additional driver coaching. You can quickly analyze important information such as GPS location, accelerometer data, engine data, fuel consumption, RPM, and much more. Receive alerts if abusive engine behaviors or engine errors occur. Prioritize safety and get the information to protect your fleet.

Dedicated Success Team

BlueArrow strives to provide excellent customer support. We will make sure you have all the tools you need to optimize your fleet. Our team is on call to help walk you through reports and any other things to help your company succeed.

Case Study: The Bradfords Group

Using Geotab devices and MyGeotab, The Bradfords Group cut their costs by 2-4%, and were able to use the information they had to dispute a false incident claim. They took advantage of the flexibility of MyGeotab to create a “Magnificent Seven” scorecard for their fleet, monitoring seven driving behaviors to promote safe and attentive driving. You can read more about it here.

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MyGeotab Integration with BlueArrow Fuel

Here at BlueArrow Telematics, we want to provide you with an efficient and informative telematics solution for your fleet. That’s why we’ve developed our own integration with Geotab’s devices and software to provide you with a streamlined experience. In addition to the useful reports in MyGeotab, you can gain insight into your fuel costs with a concise and detailed representation of all fuel card transactions.

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