Fleet Management Reports

Improve performance and gain awareness of your maintenance costs and fleet operation. Take advantage of flexible custom reports to suit your fleet’s needs.

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Flexibility Provides Freedom

MyGeotab offers a wide array of useful reports that can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. The advanced flexibility of MyGeotab allows you to get the exact information you want, when you want it, and in the way you want it. The Driver Safety Scorecard allows you to identify opportunities to improve driving habits within your fleet, augmenting your driver safety. The Speed Profile Report can give you a quick and easy visual representation of your driver’s speeds vs. the posted road speeds. These are just two examples of the extensive list of handy custom reports available through MyGeotab.

Trips History Report

Accurately assess your fleet’s productivity with a history of any vehicle’s travels over the workday. You can analyze a single vehicle to verify it was at the expected worksites, or look at multiple vehicles together to unify routes and get a better understanding of daily activity. The Trips History Report provides you with many ways to uncover areas of improvement.

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Risk Management Reports

Survey your fleet’s driving patterns to boost your safety, efficiency, and productivity. Keep track of idling times to find opportunities to reduce them. Receive alerts if abusive engine behaviors or engine errors occur. Monitor your fleet’s overall performance with detailed information about stop counts, average speed, trip durations, and more.

Collision Reporting and Data Logging

Centralize the wealth of information you receive from your Geotab devices. You can quickly analyze important information such as GPS location, accelerometer data, engine data, fuel consumption, RPM, and much more. The Geotab devices offered via BlueArrow provide you with a very in-depth view of the status of all your fleet’s vehicles. If a collision occurs, you can view a detailed report and reconstruction to summarize the incident. The accelerometers can identify the area of impact, and the device will register the time of impact and the GPS location. This information can prove useful for insurance or legal purposes following an accident.

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Case Study: The Bradfords Group

Using Geotab devices and MyGeotab, The Bradfords Group cut their costs by 2-4%, and were able to use the information they had to dispute a false incident claim. They took advantage of the flexibility of MyGeotab to create a “Magnificent Seven” scorecard for their fleet, monitoring seven driving behaviors to promote safe and attentive driving. You can read more about it here.

MyGeotab Integration with BlueArrow Fuel

Here at BlueArrow Telematics, we want to provide you with an efficient and informative telematics solution for your fleet. That’s why we’ve developed our own integration with Geotab’s devices and software to provide you with a streamlined experience. In addition to the useful reports in MyGeotab, you can gain insight into your fuel costs with a concise and detailed representation of all fuel card transactions.

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