Comprehensive integrated video telematics system for fleet management, driver safety and incident reporting

What is FleetCam®?

FleetCam® is your one stop shop for all things video telematics. With an all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system designed to save lives with AI Driver assistance, in-cab notifications and integrated driver behavior coaching, FleetCam® works to improve fleet visibility, reliability and accountability.

Total fleet visibility

With FleetCam® installed in your vehicles, you will never have to guess what drivers are doing on the road. This advanced fleet vehicle camera system offers real-time, in-cab alerts to notify drivers when dangerous or unwanted behaviors are detected, creates event clips for managers to view and use as training tools, and tracks performance with customizable driver scorecards. Drivers can be warned when they are falling asleep, unsafely departing lanes, or following too closely.

Live Streaming

See drivers and the road around them with live streaming views from up to five cameras at once.

Driver Behavior Videos

Short video clips are automatically saved from all camera angles when unwanted driver behavior is detected.

View Video History Remotely

Stream historical video and downloaded clips right to a computer without having to physically access the vehicle.

Driver Coaching System

FleetCam automates driver coaching with Driveshield, an app built to let drivers see their events and self-coach, thereby letting managers get involved only when absolutely necessary.

Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots

Snapshot photos are captured every five minutes and displayed along the vehicle’s route line (breadcrumb trail) to provide an extra level insight into the vehicle’s activity.

Real-time In-Cab Alerts

In-cab audiovisual alerts wake up drivers who are falling asleep, keep their eyes on the road and off their cell phones, and enforce no-smoking policies.

360° View

Obtain a complete view of your vehicles with up to eight cameras. With road, driver and outside cameras, you can get the complete picture of what is going on across your fleet. Upgrade to A.I. event detection to experience the latest FleetCam has to offer. FleetCam works to reduce liability, lower worry, and improve driver and manager satisfaction.


BlueArrow believes that safer driving and better coaching leads to easier management and less stress for managers. DriveShieldTM helps empower drivers to take control of their scorecard by letting them see their events, self-coach or dispute them, and gain access to their performance analytics. DriveShieldTM helps put the power back into the driver’s hands and simplifies coaching.

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