Food & Beverage Solutions

Empower your food and beverage organization by utilizing BlueArrow fleet management solutions.

Deliver More, Faster

Upgrade your food delivery system through telematics. BlueArrow provides users with detailed data and reports so your business can make better, data-driven decisions. Faster, safer, and more efficient deliveries are possible. Raise customer satisfaction while also ensuring the quality of the goods, thanks to temperature tracking. Customize your plan with Add-Ons to ensure BlueArrow has the right solution for your specific needs.

Temperature Tracking

Understand and review temperatures for your packages. Real-time updates and alerts for when the temperature rises too high or falls too low. Stay in the know of how your assets are doing while on the road. BlueArrow helps you do that by giving you a comprehensive understanding of your drivers, assets, and the costs.

Protect your fleet

BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, empowers fleet managers with complete visibility. Risky driver reports, driver feedback, harsh braking, near-misses and more are all available to BlueArrow partners. Monitor and track driver compliance to aid in improving fleet safety. Proactively identify engine issues to make maintenance quick, and easy.

Driver Feedback

Minimize risky driving behavior with alerts and in-vehicle coaching to promote a safer fleet.

Route Optimization

Maximize efficiency through route mapping and optimization to help save time and money.


Utilize IOX Add-Ins or Marketplace Add-Ons to fulfill all of your telematics needs.

Manage Fuel Costs

Oversee fuel consumption and excessive idling to enhance profitability and sustainability.

Food and Beverage Solutions

Transportation in the food and beverage industry is essential. Read how we can help keep you informed and empowered through telematic solutions.

Food Delivery Fleet in Action

Farmdrop, an ethical grocer, wanted to deliver efficiently while maintaining an ethical nature. Read how telematics helped them accomplish both.

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