Ford Vehicle Solutions

Discover the capabilities of BlueArrow and Ford integrated solutions.

A Solution for all Ford Vehicles

BlueArrow, Geotab and Ford have come together to offer our customers a comprehensive platform for their telematics needs. With OEM integration it is effortless to collect rich, effective data. Access driver and activity reports to understand and manage fuel efficiency for your Ford vehicles. Make informed decisions, lower costs, enhance performance and maximize profitability with Geotab integration.

OEM Hardware

In recent years all Ford vehicles have been factory made with telematic capable modems. This means there is no hardware or installation costs for your organization. Activation can be done remotely and in minutes. It is also fast and simple to connect to Geotab. With your Ford OEM hardware, paired with Geotab’s integration and BlueArrow’s outstanding customer support you can enhance your organization’s operations and profitability.

Powerful Platform

With the OEM hardware you still get all of the same perks and features you would with any other telematics device. A concentrated, comprehensive and consolidated platform lets you manage Ford vehicles and any others in your fleet. View fleet data, driver reports, and vehicle performance all in one place. Raise safety and efficiency and begin to make data-driven decisions with BlueArrow Telematics.

Flexible Solutions

BlueArrow has a host of solutions to offer for anything and everything your fleet may need. Mixed fleets including OEM, Ford and other telematic device vehicles can all be managed on one platform. Marketplace Add-Ons and IOX expandability are available to help your organization blossom. Start by seeing if BlueArrow Fuel is right for your business.


Set rules and track driver compliance. Receive notifications when there is a near-miss or a collision.


Maximize your fleet’s efficiency by reducing idling and understanding driver’s fuel usage.


Achieve real-time GPS tracking and gain a holistic view of your fleet location with just a few clicks.


Monitor greenhouse emissions and reduce fuel consumption to accomplish sustainability goals.

Ford Integration

With OEM hardware there is no installation, but you do need to add them to your account.Watch how to incorporate your Ford vehicles into the MyGeotab database.

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Ford Solutions

Ford embedded solutions open up new possibilities. Read what is possible when you partner with BlueArrow for your Ford solution.

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Ford Pilot Program

As part of the continued partnership with Ford we offer the Ford Pilot Program. Read more how an embedded solution can lead to deeper insights.

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