Satellite tracking built for the world’s toughest operators.

What is Geoforce?

Geoforce’s global tracking products feature proven versatility through an expanding line of industrial-grade technology designed to address a wide variety of use cases. Backed by unmatched ruggedness and industry-leading battery life, we help more than 1,300 customers across the globe minimize lost revenue, recover lost and misplaced equipment, maximize asset utilization, ensure equipment maintenance, and improve operational efficiency.

Geoforce Products


The GT0 is the world’s smallest industrial-grade GPS tracking device. With its compact size and durable design, it provides an ideal solution for tracking all types of non-powered equipment, including tanks, rail cars, roll-offs, trailer chassis, trailers, cargo units, bulk containers, waste disposal bins and more. The rugged, reliable GT0 features extended battery life and is suitable for non-explosive environments.


The GT1 carries an IECeX/ATEX Zone 0 intrinsic safety rating, the world’s most stringent certification. It has been proven to provide exceptional reliability in the world’s harshest and most volatile environments. The GT1’s smaller size allows for versatility in installation, making it ideal for onshore and offshore containers, frac tanks, wellhead equipment, valve stacks, trailers, chemical totes, sand traps, and much more.


Building on Geoforce’s reputation for rugged versatility, the GT2s provides the latest in solar asset tracking technology. Combining the long life delivered by solar power with the reliability of a battery back-up, the GT2s provides 2-way communication through the fully global Iridium Satellite Network. Its durable design and extended operational life are well-suited for any application where intrinsic safety and reliable global traceability are must-haves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the GTO, GT1 and GT2 devices work in MyGeotab?

The GT0 and GT1 devices mimic GO device hardware allowing to process Geoforce data as Geotab Go device data. As a result “Vehicle” references in MyGeotab may occur for asset tracking functions. The GTO/1/2 devices report location & battery condition only.

How often do the GT0 and GT1 report location into MyGeotab?

Once or twice a day, with good sky view.

What are the differentiating features of the GT0?

The GT0 is the world’s smallest industrial-grade GPS satellite tracker, and yet it has a long battery life despite its small installation footprint.

What are the differentiating features of the GT1?

The versatile GT1 tracks assets in locations too challenging for other GPS devices (even the GT0). The GT1 is not only the world’s most rugged device, but also its safest, as it has achieved the highest IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 rating.

What are the differentiating features of the GT2?

The accomplished GT2 has the latest power of solar asset tracking capabilities. Powered through solar energy technology and with battery back-up the GT2 communicates through a satellite network to provide a reliable connection.

What assets are good candidates for the GT0, GT1 and GT2 tracking?

The GT0 is perfect for tracking assets such as containers, rail cars, roll-offs, trailer chassis, trailers, cargo units, bulk containers, waste disposal bins, and much more. The GT1 is perfect for assets that operate in rugged and hazardous environments requiring the the highest IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 rating. The GT2 is perfect for assets that operate in direct sunlight to maximize solar capabilities including farm equipment, construction, and dealerships.

What is the GT0, GT1 and GT2 battery life?

Service life may vary based on operating conditions. However, based on 2 transmits per day, the GT batteries should last 3-6 years.

Are there any limitations to the GT0?

The GT0 Compact Asset Tracker is a fully-sealed device, which simplifies installation, makes the GT0 maintenance-free over its service life, and greatly increases reliability in the field. However, as a result of this design, the batteries cannot be recharged or replaced. Additionally, the GT0 is not rated for hazardous and/or explosive environments. 

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