GM Solutions

A combined solution utilizing GM vehicles, Geotab platform and BlueArrow service.


OnStar Embedded Hardware

On all 2015, or newer, GM models are equipped with OnStar embedded hardware. In conjunction with BlueArrow and GM, Geotab has empowered MyGeotab with OnStar capabilities. This means that you can access rich data from all of your GM vehicles with no installation. This one integrated platform allows managers to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Factory Ready

GM vehicles are manufactured with telematics capabilities. Maintaining a fleet of GM vehicles, saves you time, money and the hassle of installation. Set up has been streamlined and can easily be done in just minutes. The contactless activation of the onboard hardware can be done remotely. To ensure proper registration, contact us with your company name, GM fleet account number, and vehicle VIN list.

Total Management

Gain real, powerful insights through Geotab’s web management platform. BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, pairs you with an application with all the tools you need and the support team to enhance performance. Oversee drivers in your fleet and track their compliance, emissions, speeding and much more today with GM’s embedded hardware solution.

Data Options

Combined with GM, Geotab and BlueArrow offer a multitude of data from a variety of sensors. A top-of-the-line rules engine and flexible alerts continues to allow options for our users. With BlueArrow you have the power to convert raw data into actionable information. Benchmark essential metrics against similar fleets or seek meaning in the numbers with BlueArrow Analytics.

Main Benefits


Vehicle inspection reports, risky driver reports, IFTA reporting. Easily manage all this and more on a user-friendly interface.


Track fleet fuel consumption. Use benchmarking, optimized routing, and precision tracking to improve fleet performance.


Receive notifications for collisions, near misses, harsh braking or cornering. Set up driver coaching for the more risk averse drivers.


Support for EV options, improving fuel efficiency and

GM Solutions

Learn about OnStar’s embedded solutions and an integrated platform. Read all the benefits that a GM vehicle or fleet has to offer

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