Protect the drivers of your fleet with Geotab’s new GO TALK solution.


GO TALK utilizes text-to-speech features to give drivers up-to-the-minute information. If a driver is not following one of the predefined rules, a set-up speech feature will relay that to the driver. Speech features limit distracted drivers and boost safety on the road. Promoting compliance and accountability amongst the fleet is available with just a simple Add-On.

Complete control

Managers have the control to set and define regulations for the fleet. Any current rules for your Geotab GO devices are able to be utilized through GO TALK. Improve long-term safety for your fleet with alerts when drivers exceed acceptable conditions. Notifications work despite shaky or inconsistent cell coverage. Get the power in your hand to safely communicate with your drivers while on the roads.

Customizable options

Managers are able to personalize notifications in many different ways. Alerts are given to the drivers in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Specifically, craft unique messages for drivers based on the personality or attitudes of specific drivers in your fleet.

Feedback for a number of rules

  • Remind drivers when they miss necessary protocol
  • Idling above a set threshold
  • Drivers nearing the maximum speed allowed
  • Revving exceeding the manager’s predefined limit
  • Dangerous driving, which the managers define
  • Drivers not buckling up (if supported by vehicle)

Ready to streamline your fleet management?