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Government Opportunities

Hundreds of government agencies of all shapes, sizes, and departments entrust BlueArrow telematics with their fleet management needs. BlueArrow collects and evaluates key data in order to maximize government fleet efficiency. Telematics has the power to transform your municipality. With a whole host of solutions and products available to your government entity, contact us today to get started.

Key Features


Ensure a better tomorrow with BlueArrow products in order to manage and achieve sustainability goals.


Trust that your data and information will be safe with the highest security standards with FIPS 140-2 validation and a FedRAMP certification.

Advanced Purchasing Options

Take advantage of all that BlueArrow offers through competitive prices. Save time with the California Contract and Sourcewell.

Local, State, and Federal

BlueArrow works with government agencies of all shapes and sizes in order to meet their specific needs.


The ability to efficiently track, manage and review critical driver behavior and data at an affordable price has long been a dream to many government agencies. Now thanks to Sourcewell, that dream can become a reality. Sourcewell awarded a cooperative purchasing contract offering access to a multitude of telematics providers. Gain additional value and peace of mind at a competitive price. Contact us today to get started.

Government contracts

The increasing spike in the telematics industry has been making its way into the government sector. In 2020, California completed a Blank Purchasing Agreement to supply all levels of California with the premier telematics provider. This helps save time and money on individual RFP processes and allows local agencies to obtain competitive pricing. In addition, BlueArrow currently maintains a partnership with the MODOT, which you can read more about below.

Veteran telematics provider

BlueArrow has been in the telematics industry for over three decades. That experience comes intimate knowledge and wisdom of the ideal solutions for your organizational needs. With our renowned Success Team, you can maximize the productivity of your telematics solutions. With a background of partnering with other government agencies, you can trust that BlueArrow is the right decision for your organization.

Solutions for Government Industries

Smart City

Prepare your city for the future with the Smart City solution from BlueArrow. By combining telematics data from vehicles and intersection information, cities gain insightful findings. With in-depth information citywide, you can plan your infrastructure, manage environmental goals and optimize traffic across your city. Integrate smart city sensors into your local government municipality and see the benefits for yourself.

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Public Works

Organizational efficiency is not limited to only the private sector; government agencies want to maximize efficiency and lower costs as much as possible. BlueArrow Telematics understands this and provides a unique, expandable solution for government Public Works. By closely managing resources such as salt, managers can glean information like never before. Take the next step towards innovation with BlueArrow Public Works solution.

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First Responders

Combining the potential of telematics with first responders has the possibility of saving lives. Accurate tracking, ETA’s, and more managers can smartly deploy their officers and paramedics to the scene. When the seconds count, you need to have all the information. With BlueArrow, you can acquire the full view of your fleet. Maximize the opportunities of your first responder fleet and get started with a telematics solution.

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There are a whole host of opportunities to improve the efficiency of your government motorpool. From key management automation to unique car share models, there is a variety of potential improvements thanks to telematics data. In addition, these newly added data points can work to increase the productivity, flexibility, and sustainability of your motorpool fleet. See what we are doing for our motorpool solution.

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Winter Operations

Entrust your winter fleet when the weather gets tough with the Winter Operations solution from BlueArrow. With near-real-time and accurate tracking, you can see where your fleet is at all times. Route optimization allows salt spreaders to maximize operations on their routes. Promote efficiency with resource management to limit the under-or-over spreading of salt. Attain the knowledge and resources to be prepared for the next winter storm.

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Unlock, lock, and start your vehicle from anywhere. Forget worrying about physical key fobs and start today with BlueArrow Keyless.

Electric Vehicles

Increase sustainability across your fleet with our host of electrification programs. Read more and see if it is right for you.

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