GPS Lockbox ELD Device Cases & Mounts

Safeguard your ELD devices against the harshest conditions and most extreme temperatures with the Atmos temperature-regulated mount. Be assured your drivers stay efficient and compliant.

Industry-leading ELD Device Protection

GPSLockbox has over 40 years of experience in the wireless communications and telematics industries. With their products in use by some of the largest transportation companies, you can be confident in the quality you’ll receive with a GPSLockbox product. GPSLockbox has remained the leader in mobile device mounting solutions and continues to provide a next-generation experience.

Reduce or even Eliminate Your Downtime

If your fleet operates in an area with extreme heat, cold, or other weather, you’ve most likely experienced downtime due to ELD tablets being offline while they recover from the severe conditions. Repeated exposure to temperature fluctuations also has a serious negative effect on any electronic device. In a worst-case scenario, the devices might even be destroyed from too much exposure, such as if a driver leaves them overnight. This costs you valuable time and money, with even worse effects if it occurs repeatedly across your fleet.

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Intelligent Engineering and Smart Designs

With GPSLockbox’s experience in mobile mounting, they are able to develop sturdy and intuitive designs for their products. Messing with cables or having to make sure that a device is charging can waste important time, especially when the device needs to be moved multiple times a day. GPSLockbox mounts come equipped with magnetic charging ports to ensure your device is always charged and ready to go while it is mounted. The NAC-approved power system can also be wired directly into a vehicle’s fuse box, avoiding hassles with auxiliary power outlets in the vehicle and/or potentially freeing those up for other applications.

Atmos: Unparalleled, Patented Device Defense

GPSLockbox has made certain of their products’ quality by stress-testing them with the most popular tablets used by the largest fleets in transportation. The Atmos design is also patented in the United States, meaning it performs as advertised, no matter the condition. Cold and heat can have drivers idle for up to 15 minutes at a time, potentially multiple times in a working day. The GPSLockbox Atmos device mount prevents this, with temperature regulation ensuring your ELD devices remain at safe temperatures even when not in use. Click here for more information on Atmos’s patent and see how it’s a good fit for any organization.

GPSLockbox Classic System: Compatibility Without Sacrificing Quality

Both GPSLockbox and BlueArrow Telematics understand that fleets can have many different devices for ELD compliance or other uses. Drivers might also have other devices for keeping in touch while on the road. Regardless of the model, the GPSLockbox Classic System provides the quality engineering you expect while remaining convenient for on-the-go use. The key lock system mean the device can be quickly removed when on a job site but is rigidly secure while on the road. The included potato mic and amplified speaker system means your drivers can both hear and be heard even amongst the clamor of the workday.

Secure Your ELD Devices with the BlueArrow Difference

GPSLockbox has outstanding experience engineering their products, and BlueArrow Telematics accentuates their reputation by providing exceptional customer service. Our adept and dedicated Success Team is fully equipped to find a device mount solution that you can be confident in. We’re ready to customize your plan to make certain you can secure your ELD devices without any nuisance or headaches.

Contact us today to reduce your downtime and protect your ELD investments.