Streamline and refine your IFTA reporting process with more accurate data at a faster pace. Simplify and strengthen your strategy with Geotab integrations through BlueArrow.

Does IFTA affect your business?

Not quite sure if the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) affects your business? Read all about IFTA and how BlueArrow helps make it simple.

IFTA Made Easy

BlueArrow and Geotab work together to make your life easier. By moving the process entirely digital, you do not have to worry about missing paperwork or errors. Your fuel information and transactions will automatically be added to your MyGeotab IFTA Report. Check out this video to see just how straightforward it is to complete an IFTA report in MyGeotab.

Save Time and Ensure Accurate IFTA Reporting

With MyGeotab through BlueArrow Telematics, your IFTA fuel tax reporting has never been easier. Avoid the risk of errors with manual receipt calculations by quickly importing your data into MyGeotab. We’ve also developed our own in-house solution for managing your fleet’s fuel usage, including IFTA calculations. Add our BlueArrow Fuel integration to enjoy significant benefits in addition to an efficient IFTA reporting process. You can reduce costs by automating the process, eliminating the chance for missed paperwork, human errors, or overpayments. Click here to learn how you can get the BlueArrow difference for your IFTA process and overall fuel management.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?