BlueArrow is now with you through every step of the process; from our consultants finding the products you need, to the installation process, and onto our dedicated customer success team.

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BlueArrow Installation

As the Telematics industry continues to evolve more and more specialized equipment will be used to track vehicles, monitor drivers and maintain assets. Most of this equipment will require a somewhat sophisticated installation which if done incorrectly will cost companies in time, money and frustration!

After years of outsourcing installation services for our customers, BlueArrow moved forward with creating our own team of professional installers. We are certified with most major telematics providers for all types of installation from GPS vehicle tracking, in-vehicle cameras, and sophisticated driver avoidance systems.

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Customers have tried taking on installation when implementing telematics but more times than not they end up chasing down issues from incorrect wiring or poor placement of equipment. We have seen the costs of using internal sources to install telematics is typically double the cost of BlueArrow Installation when factoring in searching for the vehicles, de-installing and then re-installing devices. Consider the opportunity costs associated with bringing the vehicle off duty for this issue. Simply not worth it!

Ask our staff for a quote and remove this task from your list and feel confident in the quality and efficiency of BlueArrow Telematics Installation.

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Simple Process

Our goal at BlueArrow has always been to create a very simple process for our customers who are brining in new technologies to their fleet.

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Our Comprehensive Team

BlueArrow is now with you through every step of the process; from our consultants finding the products you need, to installation, to customer success and support.

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Certified & Insured

All installers at BlueArrow are certified and insured to install each product that we offer. They are fully aware of your account, your companies needs, and the products they are installing.

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