Solutions for International Trucks

A comprehensive solution for International truck fleet management.

BlueArrow and International Trucks

BlueArrow has partnered with both International trucks and Geotab to offer our customers a dependable and expandable platform for their telematic needs. International trucks send out rich, high-quality data to MyGeotab; from there, our success team helps lead you to develop plans and reach goals. See what is possible thanks to this partnership through International trucks, Geotab and BlueArrow.

Built-in Telematic Devices

The largest benefit to the customer through this partnership is that International trucks are pre-installed with telematics devices. This translates to saving money and time on installing a traditional telematics device. No longer do you need to closely follow an installation video or hire a professional installer for your fleet. To get started, simply contact us at [email protected] with your VIN number, and we will get you set up.

Heavy Truck Solutions

For large and diverse fleets, we also provide a variety of solutions. Gain a complete understanding of where your fleet is with advanced GPS tracking. Monitor and improve your fuel consumption, to save money and reduce pollutants. See what BlueArrow solutions can do for you with electronic logging devices (ELD) and international fuel tax agreement options (IFTA). Find out more about what we have to offer.

Vehicle Tracking

Receive near-real-time data or complete trip history. Get precise, accurate location information with Active Tracking.

Driver Safety

Keep members of fleets safe with risky driver reports. Set up driver coaching to help protect drivers from potentially serious accidents.

Engine Health

Obtain notifications for potential critical engine health issues for vehicles. Put trucks in the shop sooner to get them back out and move faster.

Route Optimization

Start to minimize vehicle mileage with route optimization. Create zones and routes to increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Fleet Sustainability

Track fuel consumption, idling times and more to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Learn what hurts the environment to improve sustainability.

Driver Compliance

Manage important driver data and compliance metrics record information such as accidents, near collisions, harsh braking and more.

BlueArrow, a Reliable Partner

With BlueArrow telematics you are getting an organization that has the experience and field knowledge that you can trust. Paired with a variety of solutions, vendors and capabilities, there is almost no limit to what you can accomplish with BlueArrow telematics. In our 31st year of business, we know what it takes to help our customers improve efficiency and profitability.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?