Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Grow with ITS that empowers government leaders to efficiently move both people and goods throughout municipalities.

A revolutionary transportation analytics platform

The world around us is ever changing at a rapid pace. Many government leaders are struggling to keep up with the increasingly difficult task of transportation. Balancing traffic efficiency, public safety and local sustainability along with budget and time constraints is growing more and more difficult for departments of transportation. That is where the brand-new transportation analytics system is here to help.

What does ITS do?

As street-level transportation is the most common form of transportation, there are millions of data points to be collected. The new ITS takes these millions of data points and generates purposeful insights across both the United States and Canada. This information is on an open platform, so you can interact and integrate the data into your organization. Study, learn or predict mobility trends with powerful ITS.

Mockup of Geotab Data sets


These new Information Transportation Systems all culminate into the platform for governments, Altitude. Municipalities ranging from small towns to state level can now possess and utilize key data to maximize efficiency. Locate intersections that need improvement, forecast potential changes to traffic patterns, and manage performance. By combining sensors with the rich data they collect, you can obtain the power to improve your municipality’s transportation.

Origin and Destination

Gain a complete picture of the movement patterns of goods and people across your city.


Analyze traffic signal effectiveness to determine more efficient Freight Signal Priority (FSP) plans.


Diagnose bottlenecks and other anomalies. Measure calming efforts and interventions to see how productive your solution is.

Smart City

Modernize your city with data in action and machine learning to plan your infrastructure and traffic patterns.

Public Works

Optimize your fleet, manage the spreading of resources and more with Blue Arrow’s government solution for Public Works.

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