Keyless Solutions

Move into the future with a remote key solution that enables drivers and fleets without the need for a physical key.

A digital key sharing solution

No more having to worry about key fobs, with Geotab keyless. Geotab keyless is a solution built to remove the trouble and annoyance a physical key represents. Now any certified member can simply unlock and start vehicles on your fleet. Keyless solutions help save you time and reduce your worry. It is even compatible with any vehicle, regardless of the year, make or model. Installation is simple, and you can get started with Geotab keyless today.

How it works

Managers gain complete control and visibility over their fleet. Grant usage of vehicle’s to certain drivers. Limit driver or vehicle access during specific days or times of the day. Protect vehicles from theft or worker misuse with real-time tracking and remote management. Integrate Geotab keyless into your own software, easy to use API’s or a BlueArrow software partner.

Uncover insights

Keyless solution’s benefits are not limited to just convenience, you receive key insights to help plan and manage your fleet. With data on driver and vehicle usage, you can take the steps to maximize vehicle efficiency by right sizing your fleet. Keyless gives you the information to enhance utilization and reduce cost of ownership. Make the switch to keyless and enhance convenience and profitability in your fleet.

Streamline driver experience

With Geotab keyless, your fleet can take the next step towards helping your drivers. Effortlessly lock, or unlock vehicles with a simple touch of a button. Ensured access even in areas with limited to no cell coverage. Drivers can activate the horn to locate it in a crowded area. Revolutionize your fleet by partnering with BlueArrow and see all the possibilities keyless solutions can do for you.

Keyless Solutions

Enhance safety, compliance, productivity and convenience within your fleet. Read all about what keyless solutions have to offer.

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