Mack Fleet Management Solutions

A combined solution utilizing Mack vehicles, Geotab platform, and BlueArrow service.

Enhance Mack Truck Capabilities

Establish an individualized and dynamic platform for your Mack fleet. Paired with Mack’s factory-installed hardware, we can easily connect you with the tools to raise the level of productivity across your fleet. Start saving on expenses and installation time thanks to the OEM hardware in most newer Mack trucks. See all the possibilities BlueArrow has to offer to your Mack fleet today.

Potential of Telematics

Start receiving rich, actionable data from Mack trucks in your fleet by partnering with BlueArrow telematics. Telematic abilities are only limited by the needs of the organization. Review specific driver behavior reports or holistic fleet reports, all from a consolidated platform. Track changes to fuel consumption, routes, time spent driving, engine health, and much more. Obtain the knowledge and information to empower more data-driven decisions in your organization.

BlueArrow Telematics GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Front and Back

Hardware on Mack Trucks

Starting in 2015, Mack trucks came equipped with Mack GuardDog Connect. This enabled these trucks to be compatible with telematics devices. These pre-installed hardware devices remove installation costs from your budget. All you have to do is activate it to our software, and you can start utilizing all BlueArrow has to offer. If you have some Mack trucks in your fleet that are older than 2015, simply follow the instructions below with a GO Device to receive the same benefits.

Key Features


Identify and aid the riskier drivers in your fleet with driver coaching, audible commands, and notifications.


Repair your vehicles before they have major issues to keep your fleet moving out on the roads.


Identify and equip Marketplace Add-Ons or leverage Software Development Kits to maximize your ROI.


Monitor fuel consumption, idling and greenhouse gas emissions amongst your fleet to increase sustainability.

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Future-Proof your Telematics

A comprehensive brochure about everything Mack is doing with telematics. Read more about what Mack is doing for your IFTA, HOS, and DVIR.

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Mack ELD

Electronic Logging Devices are a vital part of the trucking industry. See what BlueArrow solutions can do for ELD on Mack trucks.

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Uptime Services with Mack

BlueArrow and Mack trucks are working tirelessly to provide answers to our customers needs. Read some of the telematic possibilities available through Mack trucks.

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