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Implement your ELD devices safely and securely with industry-leading products. Get the BlueArrow Difference with a customized plan to protect your investments in ELD compliance.

Why choose BlueArrow for my ELD device mounting?

At BlueArrow Telematics, we specialize in meeting as many needs as possible in the telematics industry. With the federal Electronic Logging Device mandate, one of the most important telematics problems facing any fleet is how to implement a strategy to ensure compliance with this law, while also not breaking the bank with expenses. An important part of the law is also that devices must be mounted. Because of this, we want to be sure you continue to get the BlueArrow Difference by offering trustworthy and dependable device mounts to help you answer the question of ELD device implementation.

Benefits of Mounting your ELD Devices

It most likely goes without saying that any fleet is intent on complying with the ELD mandate. There are hefty fines for not following guidelines, even if you have devices but they are unmounted. In addition, an improper mounting solution could distract your drivers instead of helping them, leading to insurance losses. In fact, distracted driving in a company vehicle is one of the most prevalent insurance claims in the United States, averaging $100,000 per incident. At BlueArrow, we take pride in offering you solutions that will help you mount your devices and meet the mandate quickly and consistently.

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Mounting your ELD Devices Right – The First Time

The ELD mandate is very specific about devices being mounted in a fixed position. With the wrong kind of mounting solution, your drivers might be trying to move the device while on the road, which both violates the guideline and is a large safety risk. That’s why we’ve developed relationships with a variety of device mount manufacturers to give you a great repertoire of solutions that can fit in any vehicle. The device can be mounted in a cup holder, attached to a seat rail, or mounted in many other ways. Our Success Team is very knowledgeable about these products, so you can be confident that we will be able to find the solution that works perfectly for you without any trial and error.

Our Vendors

RAM® Device Mounts – Sturdy Shields for your ELD Devices

With a RAM® device mount for your ELD devices, you can be assured your devices will be protected while also enjoying the ease of use. RAM® Device Mounts use a patented ball and socket system, meaning that when the device needs to be secure, it stays in one place – but it’s also simple to move it around the vehicle or just to suit your viewing angle. On top of this, these products all come equipped with a standardized charging system to keep devices properly charged and reduce wear and tear.

Click here to learn about how RAM® device mounts can help streamline and unify your ELD mounting strategy.

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Safeguard your ELD Devices Against the Elements with GPSLockbox

GPSLockbox is an industry forerunner when it comes to protecting ELD tablets and other electronic devices. With four decades of experience, they’ve gained significant engineering expertise. The latest from GPSLockbox is their Atmos device cradle, which is the first ELD device cradle to have a temperature control functionality. Not only will your devices be secure, but they will also be defended from extreme temperatures, which can greatly shorten the lifespan of the devices. Click here to learn more about how GPSLockbox can help protect your investments in ELD compliance.

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