OEM Integrations

Unleash the power of embedded telematics with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Integration

No Hardware Costs

OEM Telematics is when major automatic original equipment manufacturers (OEM) manufacture vehicles with telematics hardware already embedded. BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, allows you to examine and monitor vehicles in your fleet regardless of whether they are connected by OEM or by a Geotab device. Take control of data with an easy-to-use platform built for OEM.

By 2024, 82% of all vehicles manufactured will have embedded telematics.

OEM Platform

BlueArrow, powered by Geotab, streamlines the OEM data platform. As assets and vehicles collect data they upload it to their OEM cloud. The data is then transferred to Geotab’s trusted data platform. The platform simplifies and standardizes the OEM data so you can easily supervise a mixed fleet. BlueArrow is constantly expanding its list of OEM partners to aid you in finding solutions that accomplish goals.

  • Safeguard your business
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Monitor your assets
  • Identify risky drivers
  • Reduce collisions
  • Lower the threat of theft

Cost Savings

With embedded hardware and no installation costs, you can save money and still obtain the same level of service.

Powerful Data

Get access to your vehicle’s built in OEM specific information to unlock key business decisions.

Tamper Proof

With no installation you can sleep easy knowing that improper installation or driver tampering will not be an issue.


As the device is embedded, there is no worry as to whether or not the device is compatible with the vehicle.

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