Why Choose BlueArrow Telematics?

Why choose BlueArrow Telematics? We are more than just a GPS vehicle tracking provider, we strive to be the leader in the future of telematics, providing our customers with any solution their fleet would need. And staying ahead of the game and brining in technologies to solve their fleets problems.
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Posted on March 29, 2021

Why You Need Telematics

There are hundreds of mobile workforce/fleet management technologies out there ranging from vehicle tracking, routing, workflow processes, distracted driving solutions, paperless forms, accident avoidance, vehicle maintenance, data analytics just to name a few.

The telematics industry is very fragmented and overwhelming to keep up with. You need one solution for this and a different solution for that, one regulation for this truck and another for that truck! Not only is it hard to keep up with, there’s the question of integration! Trying to find the best of these solutions while performing normal job responsibilities makes it virtually impossible for a fleet manager to research and find the best options.

BlueArrow Telematics has been working with organizations for over 27 years helping management find and implement the best mobile workforce technologies available. Our focus is learning the goals of an enterprise, helping to develop a strategy to accomplish these goals, and ultimately providing the technologies required to perform the necessary tasks. What makes our company unique is our customers have one source, BlueArrow Telematics, that provides all these solutions and most importantly, clients have just one key account representative who represent their best interests through the whole process.

Let’s talk about 6 reasons why BlueArrow Telematics is the #1 platform businesses, municipalities, EMS services, governments, healthcare and hospitals choose for mobile workforce solutions.


Reason 1

Everything you need to run an efficient, effective and cost saving mobile workforce solution is on a single platform – vehicle tracking, unsafe driver alerts, fuel usage and vehicle maintenance, multi-channel management so you can run your fleet and understand what’s working and what needs attention.

Literally everything you might need to manage your fleet, from one truck to thousands through a single source. If there’s something we’re missing, we add it. We work with best in business companies on the forefront of compliance, safety, and productivity, so if our clients demand it, we add it.

Reason 2

We have no long-term contracts. With the ever-changing technology environment, most “providers” require a lengthy service agreement with significant penalties for termination! Customers that sign contracts for “Free Equipment” will always pay more than if they simply purchase equipment from BlueArrow. We know, just as these carriers know, that at some point customers will be required to pay a large penalty for disconnecting service. Is there no wonder why these carriers don’t provide acceptable customer support, you are stuck with them no matter what.

With BlueArrow, you are never required to sign a long-term service agreement with penalties! Our clients tell us every day that we work harder and faster than any other provider of GPS and Telematics solutions. We have to – or you can simply terminate service without any penalties.

Reason 3

This reason could easily be our number 1… BlueArrow is not only providing the technology you need to win, we also include very experienced staff to help you fully utilize the package you choose. Small business owners and fleet managers are busy and often can’t afford an in-house team, so BlueArrow includes that service in our monthly subscription. All accounts get a dedicated mobile workforce consultant (key account representative) who becomes a single source for all their needs. No more calling 800 numbers and re-explaining your situation.

Take advantage of our experience and consultation. It’s included with our subscription and will help you to realize a maximum Return on Investment!

Reason 4

Analytics can be very complicated, so we’ve boiled it down to the most important information you want and need in easy to read reports for you and your team. See what’s working and what’s not and where to invest your dollars to get the biggest return. You can analyze and score drivers individually using our tools and technologies as well as have instant access to where your drivers are and what they’re doing. 24/7 access to see anything you want for unlimited users.

Reason 5

Saves you time. You’re busy running your business but you don’t want to be disconnected from your most important assets – your team, your assets and your brand. Your vehicles are a rolling billboard, and BlueArrow 360 allows you to manage and be a part of it all from a high-level perspective while we do all the work for you.

You know your business, we know telematics. That’s why we look at our clients like partners. We are not successful unless you are successful.

Reason 6

Saves you money. Because BlueArrow does so much business with our many integration partners, we get the best pricing available and pass on significant discounts to our clients. The bundling effect is powerful! We offer small/medium businesses with pricing normally available to companies that have 1000’s in their fleets.

Bonus Tip

Start now – Begin with the foundation and implement just the technologies you need now but we will make sure these technologies are capable for expansion into other areas as your company’s needs change.

The BlueArrow technologies are momentum-based solutions. Meaning, as your company continues tweaking goals and strategies, our solutions continue to drive more and better results over time. The results you see in month 3 will be better than month 1, the results you see in month 6 will be better than month 3 and the results you see in month 12 will be better than month 6.

We can’t guarantee the results you’ll get, but we can guarantee nobody will try harder. Exceeding our client’s expectations and providing an amazing customer experience is our #1 goal. Your success is our success. So not only do you have a world-class mobile workforce platform, but you also have a world-class team working hard to help you manage important parts of your business and reach your goals.


So hopefully this video helps you better understand what makes BlueArrow Telematics different. We are so confident that we EARN your business, your confidence, and a long-term relationship WITH NO CONTRACTS.

We’d love an opportunity to work with you and your company to develop a strategy to build a safer, more efficient mobile workforce! Call us today and speak to one of our Telematics Consultants should you have additional questions. Safe travels!