Optimum Fleet Health

Efficiently and effectively detect and diagnose potential problems for your vehicle before they happen.

Robust engine

With Optimum VRx predictive engine analyzing over 8000 key inputs, you are able to identify issues before they become an issue. Unforeseen problems can quickly be dealt with, saving both time and money. Receive estimates on how long before the time to failure to ensure safety. The engine works to determine the root cause of the problem and provides detailed options of how to fix it.

Predictive technology

Optimum Health’s system predicts imminent obstacles across the entirety of each vehicle and your entire fleet. With a map-based solution, you can obtain a complete overview of the health status of individual cars as well as a quick glance at the fleet as a whole. Every major vehicle part, including engine, exhaust, electrical, brakes, coolant, fuel, and transmission are able to be predicted through the VRx engine.


reduced direct operating costs


reduced direct maintenance costs


reduced diagnostics time

Quick turnaround

Knowing faster and earlier than before can get vehicles back on the road more efficiently. Optimum provides users with the issue, how long till it will happen, and how to go about preventing or fixing the concern. BlueArrow and Optimum are with you every step of the way to ensure that your fleet is on the road and is staying safe on the road.

Comprehensive dashboard

See fleet health reports, manage vehicles, adjust notifications, and submit work orders all from one user-friendly home.

In-depth Timelines

See vehicle information both past, present, and future for what action has been taken or still needs to be taken.

Creative mapping

Utilize Optimum’s unique mapping solution to manage your fleet’s health locally or nationally.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?