Phillips Connect

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Phillips Connect

Maximize your fleet productivity and your most valuable assets with real-time data, analytics and insights, through tracking solutions that are expandable, cost-effective and built to last through the harshest weather conditions. With Phillips predictive technology, users can identify and solve issues before they turn into major problems. This helps save you and your organization crucial time and money.

Productive and Effective Fleet Tracking and Management

Phillips Connect products are designed by top industry experts and are backed by decades of experience within the transportation industry. Gain full insight into your trailers’ location and overall health through Phillips Connect. These easy-to-install devices improve your fleet management strategy by streamlining your entire operation through one platform, and providing full visibility of fleet and asset health and status.

A Solution for Your Most Important Assets

Get protection from weather and the elements while maintaining the same reliable technology that Geotab offers. The GO Rugged supports most engine protocols, and has been built to IP67 standards for protection against water and dust. The GO Rugged also comes with additional cable length for easy installation away from the diagnostics port. The Go Rugged also supports all current IOX via a harness sold separately.

Easy Expandability for Your Fleets Future

Created with patented technology embedded in more than 8 million IoT devices deployed on vehicles in operation today, Phillips Connect devices are compatible with most sensors from leading manufacturers to provide the flexibility you need in expanding your fleet visibility and management strategies.

Built to Last

Phillips Connect devices are built to withstand life on the road. These heavy-duty waterproof solutions are IP67 rated and designed to endure the most rugged environments, ensuring you maintain full visibility through the harshest rain, snow, or heat. Get up to twice the battery life of other industry providers, with tracking solutions that deliver up to six months of back-up battery life.

Sensor Features: Get All The Insight You Need

Continuous Reporting

GPS Location and Tracking

PLC Reader to Monitor ABS Fault Codes

Door, Cargo, and Temperature Monitoring

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