Using Pitstop’s proprietary insights and predicting vehicle failures before they happen, let the data work for you. Keep your fleet on the road with Pitstop. 

About Pitstop

Pitstop is disrupting the automotive industry by predicting vehicle failures before they happen. Pitstop’s predictive analytics platform combines leading proprietary algorithms, AI, and machine learning to allow customers to clearly understand and leverage data from their automotive assets in order to optimize performance, reduce downtime, increase savings as well as overall safety.

Reduce Downtime & Increase Savings

Pitstop’s platform enables fleets to make insightful business decisions to drastically reduce downtime by up to 20%, improve repair cost (save up to $2000 per vehicle/year), reduce risk and see significant returns on investment. Not to mention make a fleet manager’s job significantly easier.

Adult driving car with data overlay

Predict Vehicle Failure

Pitstop delivers actionable insights through a powerful combination of telematics, data sources, cloud based proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our leading technology predicts and communicates vehicle failures, the maintenance needs of vehicles, and vehicle-related data in real-time, such as battery voltage, fuel trims, diesel exhaust parameters, and more!

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous analysis of major vehicle components to see data in real-time
  • Alerts on high probability failures for each vehicle, organized by critical, major and minor risks
  • Algorithms for Battery Health, Brake Health, Diesel Exhaust Fuel, Fuel Anomalies, Engine Air Flow, and many more
  • Service grouping to maximize uptime
  • Weekly summary reports to ensure data accessibility and transparency

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