Stop Distracted Driving Today!

Don’t wait for an accident that can ruin your business!

Associate Pledge

Associate Pledge is a host of tools by PortNexus that stop distracted driving. Stay on the front foot and prevent accidents before they happen. Proactively monitor distracted driving and safety issues before they become an issue. Increase accident prevention and reduce money spent on lawsuits. Get started today and realize a safer world.

How it Works

PortNexus’ Associate Pledge works to restrict mobile phone usage for drivers. The software inhibits the use of drivers using their phones outside of emergency situations. In addition, if a driver breaks policy, managers will receive real-time notifications of the event that occurred. Managers can additionally monitor location and phone usage of their drivers at any time.

Phone Compatibility

PortNexus is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS for both handheld phones and tablets.

Manager Flexibility

Passenger phone usage can be enabled, and calls can be allowed through certain pre-approved headsets.

Pair with Cameras

Associate Pledge is available with sight and sound to capture visual proof of events and accidents that may occur.

Advanced Reporting

View patterns and trends as part of your fleet with PortNexus reports. Identify bad habits and issues at the fleet level or measure effectiveness on individual drivers. Compare and contrast members of your fleet to get the most out of your reports. Associate Pledge reporting opens the door for managers to optimize their fleet’s safety and compliance.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?