Predictive Coach

Are Your Fleet Drivers Aggressive or Distracted and Putting Your Company At Risk? Get Them an Automated Driver Training Program.

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Automated Driver Training Program

Discover the power of Predictive Coach for tailored fleet driver training! Not all drivers are the same. Some are great drivers, while others may exhibit aggressive or distractible behaviors, posing potential risks to your company and brand. Our solution integrates behavior-based driver training, automated driver safety, and fleet risk management to ensure your drivers receive targeted training based on their specific high-risk tendencies.

Advanced Driver Behavior Analysis

Our telematics-based coaching, driven by real data, offers short and interactive training lessons accessible on any device. By adopting Predictive Coach, we take the proactive driver training workload off management, allowing them to focus on their core business. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace advanced driver behavior analysis, streamlined safety programs, and automated risk management. Elevate your fleet safety with time-saving technology and efficient protocols. Experience the effectiveness of our integrated risk reduction solutions at your fingertips!

If any of this sounds familiar, you need Predictive Coach

Pain Points:

  • Dealing with driver behavior is painful and costly
  • Aggressive driving is hurting your bottom line and reputation
  • Driver training sucks up time
  • Insurances costs keep going up

Decrease Risk by up to 73%

Can You Relate?

  • Your daily schedule is already full
  • You avoid addressing bad drivers
  • You avoid controversy and -isms
  • Your GPS system provides you with a score card, but it feels impossible to take action on the data provided

Old Ways of Driver Training

  • Long 20-30 minute boring courses
  • Generic training content
  • Requires tremendous management involvement
  • Very reactive, rather than proactive
  • Not scalable or consistent, making it ineffective and hard to measure

Don’t be like Bob.

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