Get the complete weigh station bypass service and start saving time on the roads.

Skip the Wait

PrePass is the sole provider of integrated weigh station bypass in North America. Skip the lines and start saving time thanks to PrePass’s bypass system. Drivers can now get clearance to skip select open weigh stations and continue on the road. PrePass helps save drivers time and works to reduce fuel and overhead for managers, allowing to create greater efficiencies.

How does it work?

PrePass is easy to use and install. Simply download the mobile bypass app, which is available on both Apple iOS, Androids, and select telematics/ELD devices. Register and set up your account and you can start receiving notifications from PrePass. Drivers will receive alerts when a weigh station is coming up and if they are cleared to bypass. The PrePass app also works to inform drivers on work zones, congestions, rest areas, and much more while on the road.


Over 700,000 drivers use PrePass


5 min saved for every bypass

Million Gallons of Fuel

PrePass customers have saved
over 380 million gallons of fuel

Dollars Saved per Bypass

$8.68 saved ber bypass
(According to a FMCSA report)

Driver Satisfaction

PrePass works for both the organization and its members. Managers love the lower costs while, truckers benefit from less downtime at weigh stations. Prepass is considered as one of the key benefits in the trucking industry and an excellent tool for driver retention. Drivers are able to avoid congestion and risks associated with merging back into traffic. Get started and witness the benefits of PrePass today.

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