Proven TPMS technology arms your fleet with the real-time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to your operation.

Revolutionizing Tire Management

The Originals in Tire Performance Management, Pressure ProTM, has led the innovation of TPMS technology since 1991. Today, PressurePro continues to arm fleets around the globe with advanced and trusted solutions that deliver the accurate tire performance data needed to extend tire life, improve fuel efficiency, decrease downtime, streamline maintenance, and more.

24/7 Performance Data

PressurePro’s comprehensive product line-up arms you with TPMS; how you need it. From in-cab monitoring to fully integrated solutions alongside your fleet management platform, PressurePro gives you real-time tire performance data to fit your operations.

Customizable & Prioritized Alerts

Featuring fully customizable configuration and alerts, PressurePro’s offerings give fleet managers advanced control over their tire maintenance programs. More, when utilized with PressurePro’s Connect platform, controllers gain advanced customization options, including automated, remote alerts, alert prioritization, and more.

Added safety

Under-inflated tires lead to tread separation and tire failure resulting in 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries, and over 650 deaths per year. Further, tires properly inflated add better stability, handling and braking efficiencies and provide greater safety for the driver, the vehicle, the loads, and others on the road.

Reduce maintenance

The FMSCA reports that 54% of roadside breakdowns are a result of tire issues. That improper tire inflation alone is responsible for about one road call per year per tractor-trailer combination.

Increase fuel efficiency

Underinflation of just 10 psi reduces fuel economy by 1%, and tire inflation remains critical to fuel efficiency, yet it’s estimated that one in every four tires on American roads are under-inflated. In fact, under-inflated tires waste over 4.2 million gallons of fuel every day in the US alone.

Extend tire life

Under-inflated tires are the #1 cause of tire failure and contribute to tire disintegration, heat buildup, ply separation, and sidewall/casing breakdowns. Duals experience even more degradation, as a difference of 10 lbs. in pressure on a set of duals results in dragging the lower pressured tire 13 feet per mile, literally erasing tread and tire life.

Curtail emissions and waste

Under-inflated tires are estimated by the US Department of Transportation DOT to release over 57.5 BILLION pounds of unnecessary Carbon Monoxide pollutants into the atmosphere each year. Further, low tire pressures decrease tire life requiring increased use of raw resources to produce new tires and increasing roadside and landfill waste through heightened blowouts and tire disposal.

Decrease downtime

Manually monitoring tire pressure is inconvenient and time-consuming. Allowing just 60 seconds per tire on an 18 wheeler, a manual check requires 20 minutes per vehicle, not considering time to make any necessary fills.

Tire Performance Trend Analysis

Utilizing PressurePro’s Connect platform, fleets gain automated trend analysis, enabling controllers to easily identify tire performance patterns and promoting predictive tire management practices.

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