Fleet and Driver Productivity

Elevate business and fleet operations through BlueArrow productivity solutions.

Maximizing productivity

It is a part of human nature to optimize operations, save time, and raise efficiencies. BlueArrow telematics provides managers with the tools to do just that. We provide you with the resources to make smarter, informed decisions. Armed with plentiful solutions, vendors, and experience, you can trust that BlueArrow can enhance operational productivity within your organization.


Begin to turn information into actionable decisions with fleet benchmarking. See how drivers in your fleet match up against other drivers. With benchmarking, you achieve the necessary context to see what your data truly means. Benchmarking with BlueArrow is simple, dynamic, and potent. Take advantage of the wealth of data that BlueArrow has to maximize everything we have to offer.

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Fleet Management Report

One of the most important and advantageous aspects of partnering with BlueArrow is the reports you receive on your fleets. Convenient and effective, gain awareness of the key trends going on in your fleet. The reporting is flexible and customizable, so you can see a comprehensive view or tailor the reports for specific areas of improvement. With BlueArrow’s success team, these reports evolve drivers, fleets, and organizations.

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A key factor to increase productivity is through understanding and managing of fleet’s fuel consumption. With True Fuel by Vnomics, you are able to start receiving the key insights into fuel management. Reduce idling and inefficient driving behaviors to save your organization money and increase sustainability. See how True Fuel can transform your fleet with fuel management, and much much more.

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Route Planning

Here at BlueArrow Telematics, we strive to streamline the process and produce an effortless experience for our customers. A prime example of this is the simplicity and potential of our route planning. Leave worries at the door and stop the early morning routing chaos with route optimization software. Receive route progress notes via text or email. Start improving your fleet’s productivity and lowering costs.

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