RAM® Device Mounts

Safeguard your valuable electronics with sturdy mounting solutions. The versatile selection of RAM® mounts ensures your investments will be protected and ready for any working environment.

Adaptable and Resilient Device Mounts

RAM® Mounts is a renowned and established provider of device mounts for heavy-duty environments. In business since 1995, their ball and socket system has a proven track record of withstanding even the most severe working conditions. Your valuable electronics will stay put and remain safe from damage.

Always Charged And Ready to Go

This acclaimed product line has added yet more value with Qi wireless charging, guaranteeing your devices will be both safe and ready for use at any moment. The wireless charger in Tough-Charge® mounts can support up to 10 watts of charging, keeping smartphones and tablets online for the entire workday. Wireless charging capabilities for compatible devices also ease potential hassles with cable management, freeing up space and time.

RAM® X-Grip®

The RAM® X-Grip® mounts keep your device functional and secure. With the patented ball and socket system, moving the mount to suit viewing angles is simple. Relocating the mount to another location is also very easy, only requiring a turn of a knob.

X-Grip® Tablet Mounts

With four more rubber-coated grips, even larger tablet devices are immovable yet convenient to use. Take advantage of the ball and socket system for almost boundless adjustment options while keeping devices safe from the most extreme environments.

GDS® Ecosystem

The GDS® Ecosystem reduces wear and tear on devices while also standardizing charging for organizations that use multiple types of devices. The GDS® connector uses pogo pins to alleviate issues caused by constantly unplugging and reconnecting devices in a high-activity workday. The standardized connector also ensures compatibility with any existing collection of devices, and future-proofs them in the quickly advancing tech world.


Intelliskin® device cases take advantage of the GDS® platform to provide military-grade drop protection to any device. Molded to snugly fit the device; with rugged exterior contacts, your devices’ lifespan will be greatly increased with protection from water, impacts, and more.

Ready to safeguard your electronics with sturdy mounting solutions?