Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert

The world’s only real-time vehicle network dedicated to safety.

Safety Cloud – Connected Safety for Fleets

Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert improves road safety for crews and operators by connecting fleets to drivers via navigation systems, vehicle dashboards, and mobile devices. For most fleets, the time operators spend on the road is the most dangerous part of the job. As the state-of-the-art, industry-leading digital alerting solution, Safety Cloud reduces risk to operators on the road by enhancing emergency alerts, improving driver awareness, and offering additional tools for advanced fleet management.

Adult driving car with data overlay
Adult driving car with data overlay

R2V Digital Alerting

Responder to Vehicle (R2V) digital alerts connect equipped vehicles to drivers and vehicles on the road to reduce the risks of collision. When amber, caution, or emergency lights on an equipped vehicle are activated, Safety Cloud delivers real-time digital alerts telling approaching drivers to slow down and move over. These alerts are delivered to drivers through Waze and other platforms up to 30 seconds in advance, lowering the risk of a collision by up to 90%.

Real-Time Customizable Dashboard

The Safety Cloud Situational Awareness Dashboard enables managers to keep track of on-the-move teams and deployed roadway assets in real-time. Use location, alerting status, incident statistics and history to enhance short-term safety and long-term strategic management. Customizable and secure, the Dashboard allows interoperability between coordinating agencies across towns, cities, and states.

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Vehicle Groups

Users can view multiple vehicles within the same area; the vehicles tab displays visual icons to easily locate and track vehicles on the move.

Areas Module

Create, examine, edit and remine exclusion zones with ease. Users can build points-of-interest on the map.

Interact with the Map

Simply right-click on the map to visualize an address with both latitude and longitude coordinates. Share location information with just a few clicks.

Increased Report Access

Gain expanded monthly report access to understand findings within your fleet. Divide your fleet into sub-groups to locate specific trends.

Adult driving car with data overlay

Activate on Geotab

BlueArrow offers Safety Cloud service activation through an integration with Geotab, enabling instant over-the-air protection to entire fleets with no additional hardware installation necessary. Scale digital alerting across your organization for complete coverage and optimal fleet management options.

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