Smart City

Utilizing your vehicles to drive smart city insights. Help push your city into tomorrow with connected data.

Creating a better tomorrow

With concentrated tracking and gathering of data, you can construct the city of tomorrow. Intelligent traffic lights, increased opportunities, and a greater understanding of the traffic flow across your city. The Geotab solution utilizes advanced analytics to forecast so you can design a better plan for the future.

Data in Action

With instantaneous and autonomous data, you can prioritize freight vehicles at intersections to alleviate congestion or extend a traffic light to cyclists for increased safety. Minimize delays for your first-responders with intelligent traffic lights. Alert oncoming cars of jaywalkers, and achieve your city’s objectives.

Manage Environmental Goals

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by diagnosing problem areas with high idling times in your city. Map air quality regions above your municipality and understand the source of harmful chemicals. BlueArrow assists in diminishing pollutants through powerful data.

Machine Learning

With new advanced AI, your municipality will constantly be learning and adapting. Collect and interpret accident data, near-miss incidents, and traffic congestion to help keep your city safe. Keep cyclists and citizens informed of hazardous areas. BlueArrow helps you obtain predictive models for intersections and traffic patterns to make intelligent resolutions.

Software mockup of Geotab Public Works platform and GO Device

Plan your Infrastructure

Utilize potent information to make informed decisions on your municipality. Automatically identify potential potholes or inadequate road conditions for faster repairs. Establish optimal charging stations for electric vehicles and pinpoint ideal site locations to have your city running as efficiently as possible.

Primary benefits

Traffic optimization

Traffic insight can be leveraged to reduce congestion, improve travel time and increase safety. By analyzing current traffic performance, cities can understand how to best utilize future investments to further advance traffic optimization.

Safety insights

Connected vehicle data can be used to understand dangerous road conditions or traffic occurrences and proactively communicate and warn other drivers regarding high-risk areas such as hazardous driving conditions or traffic calming measures.

Environmental benefits

By tracking hyperlocal air quality, emissions, and areas where vehicles often idle, municipalities can implement solutions to reduce or eradicate environmental risks and increase local air quality.

Actionable transportation environment insights

Smart city insights create opportunities to understand data and can be utilized to educate regional stakeholders. This actionable information can be used to support strategic decisions regarding smart city technologies and predict future opportunities to streamline city operations.

  • Increase driver and pedestrian safety
  • Track hyperlocal air quality
  • Optimize traffic signal timing
  • Detect collisions with real-time notifications
  • Efficiently dispatch first responders
  • Understand idling & fuel consumption trends
  • Decrease emissions
Computer mockup of
  • Air Quality
    Oversee air quality to manage regulations.
  • Architecture
    Engage with citizens and tourists through interactive kiosks and mobile applications.
  • Environment
    Visualize greenhouse gas emissions to better understand how to act.
  • Lighting
    Minimize energy consumption and costs.
  • Parking
    Maximize revenue-based opportunities with parking space identification and help reduce citizen  parking search time.
  • Security
    Protect against crime with faster response times. 
  • Transportation
    Reduce congestion and raise the efficiency of intersections.
  • Urban Mobility
    Recognize and analyze pedestrians’ movements to make key insights.
  • Waste Management
    Optimize waste management through more productive routes.
  • Water Management
    Guaranteeing a secure water flow.

Utilize Smart City Insights

Smart city insights create opportunities to understand data and can be utilized to educate and predict future opportunities to streamline city operations.

Adult driving car with data overlay

The Smartest Intersection

Detroit is using a system of advanced telematics, sensors, and connected traffic signals to improve safety and traffic efficiency.

dangerous city crosswalk

Vision Zero

New York City is the next in the long line of cities to take the Vision Zero initiative to eradicate traffic deaths, and they are using a data-driven approach to do so.

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