SmartCharge Rewards

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Why Smart Charge Rewards?

As the world continues to become more green-focused, one of the big shifts has been away from internal combustion vehicles (ICV) to electric vehicles (EV). With a large number of adopters to EV’s, and the EV’s rapidly evolving, utility companies are increasingly being challenged. One of the largest challenges is centered around load management for electric vehicles. SmartCharge Rewards utilize consumers to help in managing the load on the electric grid.

Benefit to the Grid

SmartCharge Rewards benefits do not just stop at the drivers but extend to the electric grid. Uploading charging data leads to utility managers being able to interpret, arrange and maintain EV charging. Integrating electric vehicle loads also allows managers to scale programs for the future as more people make the switch away from ICVs. Understanding and scattering of charging patterns lowers the impact on the environment and increases system stability.

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Quick Enrollment

Signing up is quick and easy and participants can get started within days.

Driver Insight

You get access to data about your vehicle including performance and energy usage.

Avoid potential negative impacts

Continue to do your part to maximize the efficient use of electricity for all.

Tangible Rewards

Rewards vary by location and are flexible. Examples include $20 a month for off-peak charging.

Progress Goals

Compete with yourself or your peers to hit point targets, and achievement levels.

Every Car

SmartCharge works with any and all plug-in electric vehicles.

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How we use driver data

Electric vehicles are new, and the hurdles they present are unique; unlike traditional household energy, EV charging is flexible and unpredictable. EV’s charging also varies greatly amongst different grids. With all of this in mind, SmartCharge offers customers customizable rewards for things that help the electric grid. An example is potentially charging your EV out of peak hours. This paired with the data received will aid utility companies in integrating electric vehicles onto the grid.

SmartCharge built for all

  • Compatible with 40 makes and models of EV
  • Works with all types of chargers
  • No additional equipment required
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Alleviate risk associated with the electric grid
  • Dispersing of peak charging times
  • Charge when prices are lower
  • Share SmartCharge Rewards easily with friends
  • Encourage a greener and safer planet
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Stumbling Blocks of Electric Vehicles

How utility managers are turning to telematics to help lower the risk and load of EV charging.

New EV’s, New Problems

EV’s are evolving, and utility managers must also evolve to keep pace.

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