New users typically reduce speeding by 50%, within the first 30 to 60 days.

SpeedGauge Safety Center

SpeedGauge Safety Center is the essential speed monitoring and driver performance improvement solution. Provide reliable and dynamic reporting on actual speed vs posted speed limits for your fleet. Improve existing GPS monitoring capability, enhance camera and other MVR solutions. See what more BlueArrow and SpeedGauge can do for your organization today.

Reduce driving risk

With better drivers, safer fleets you get bigger returns. Use speed analysis as a simple yet transformative coaching metric to improve safety awareness and practices at any fleet for immediate and long-lasting risk reduction and operational gains. The industry-leading driving behavior analytics and unsurpassed map data accuracy make Safety Center the solution for today’s fleets.


Safety Center is a user-friendly software solution. There is no hardware or installation required. With an unique mobile app that puts the benefits of the Safety Center in the driver’s hands you can maximize productivity. Access graphs and charts that provide key insights. Enable continuous improvement in overall driving operations with an accurate roadways database.

Safety Center allows users to:

  • Learn who the best drivers are and why
  • Improve driver CSA scores
  • Reduce moving violations and citations
  • Change risky driving habits
  • Incentivize drivers to improve performance
  • Manage insurance and legal costs


SpeedGauge is used by thousands of fleets. Read more about their offerings and if it is right for you.

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