Surfsight: Smart & Simple

Powered by smart MV + AI technology, Surfsight’s AI-12 dashcam makes it easy to help protect fleets of any size.

What is Surfsight?

Surfsight is an intelligent but easy-to-use video solution designed for busy fleet managers. The AI-12 captures valuable insights to help improve driver safety, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. Accessibly priced so fleets of any size can add high-quality video to their fleet safety tools. Receive upgrades at no additional cost. Get started and see what BlueArrow and Surfsight can do for you.

Fleet Safety

The Surfsight AI-12 dashcam provides industry-leading technology and a visceral dashboard. With intuitive machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV + AI) alerts drivers of risky behaviors in real-time so they learn to self-correct. In addition to prioritizing driver and fleet safety, Surfsight also allows for seamless integration. With an advanced API it allows for easy integration into MyGeotab and other solutions.

Progressive Coaching

The Surfsight camera is powered by Lytx and built with top-of-the-line MV + AI which helps drivers form better habits. This additionally gives fleet managers insights to use in coaching to help improve fleet safety.

Easy Installation

The nimble AI-12 fits vehicles of any class and can be installed in as little as 10 minutes, and a user-friendly interface makes set up simple.

See the Whole Picture

Video provides a view into driver behavior that can help managers identify and proactively address fleet safety risks.


Surfsight technology easily builds into your telematics platform for a unified user experience, fast data retrieval and easy updates.

Reduce Claims & Insurance Costs

Video proof shows what really happened on the road and can be used to exonerate drivers in the case of false claims.

Cloud Reporting & Analytics

A user-friendly cloud-based dashboard to manage vehicles, get reports, and review data with just a few clicks.

Fleet managers using the Lytx MV + AI that powers the Surfsight AI-12 dashcam have reported


reduction in near collisions


reduction in mobile phone distractions


reduction in distraction caused by eating or drinking

*Based upon a select sampling of Lytx client data

Surfsight’s AI-12

Take action with the newest video camera from Surfsight. Read more about what the innovative AI-12 can do for your business.

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